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The Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic is the leading international anti-aging facility in Costa Rica.  It is staffed by the most experienced anti-aging team in the region under the medical leadership of Dr. Leslie Mesen. The clinic concentrates its treatments in the latest anti-aging therapies, including bio-identical hormone replacement (BHRT), facial & skin rejuvenation, medical weight loss, as well as vitamins and supplements. Our mission is to safely get you on the best path for optimal wellness. There are two clinic locations in Costa Rica. The main clinic is conveniently located in one of the most trendy parts of Escazu (San Jose), just blocks away from Multi Plaza Mall, Avenida Escazu, Cima Hospital and world class hotels like the Hotel Intercontinental. The second clinic is located along the Pacific Coast, in the heart of Costa Rica's famous Blue Zone Region, recognized for the longevity of its inhabitants.



Key reasons patients choose us:

Quality of Care: Board certified physicians in anti-aging medicine

Price: 50%-60% savings for bio-identical hormone replacement

Location: A top 5 medical tourist destination near the US and Canada


Welcome to our Leading International Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic







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