Buy Human Growth Hormone HGH in California


California Human Growth Hormones can be bought after a medical exam is given and a doctor appropriately makes a diagnosis that HGH Clinics in California should proscribe it. HGH Clinics in California are not the only clinics who can prescirbe California Human Growth Hormones. Privacy HGH California concerned residents may want to look elsewhere and there are in their legal right to do so.

Now CA residents as well as those residing in Los Angeles searching for an Anti-Aging / Age Management Cenegenics type doctor can obtain the same California Growth Hormones in the same manner as they would from an HGH Clinics in California. The place is to go to Costa Rica - California HGH is the same and can be prescribed in the same way as in California to a resident, as part of the burgeoning Medical Tourism industry.

HGH Clinics in California may charge extremely high prices - especially clinics offering Los Angeles Human Growth Hormones, because of Hollywood, etc.  California growth hormones obtained by a prescription from a California Anti-Aging doctor are the exact FDA approved compositions by the exact FDA approved manufactures as those available in Costa Rica. We live in a Global Pharma world - and prices for prescription medications are well known to be exorbitantly high as the world expects the wealthiest nation in the world to absorb the cost. However, smart individuals go to Costa Rica  California HGH since it is the same medication but at close to 40% discount.

Does the fountain of youth exist in HGH Clinics in California? Possibly, but weather it is an HGH Clinics in California providing Los Angeles Growth Hormones or California growth hormones, it does not matter since they are the same. That also holds true for Costa Rica California HGH.

Or is it just excess waste that the elite indulge in to try any method to remain young and attractive. Well, yes and no. None of us can live forever, but we can live longer, stronger and younger if we eat right, exercise, manage our stress, and balance our hormones to levels that keep our body healing and regenerating cell growth at levels where we were in our twenties and thirties.

Human Growth Hormone is not cheap and can cost from $600-$2000 a month depending on how low levels of IGF-1 are, and what is necessary to increase those levels. Due to the cost of the medication, which is simply your own bio-identical hormone molecularly equivalent to what your own body produces, people from different parts of California are finding it advantages to travel to Costa Rica for their Anti Aging Treatment. Like the United States, anti-aging clinics operate in Costa Rica in much the same way as the USA. Doctors take your blood levels and depending on how low your levels are, Doctors prescribe the appropriate dosage depending on age, need and even in some cases the patient’s budget.

Low levels of growth hormone often are provide clues that aging is taking taking place and if levels are super lot for one’s age, it could be an indicator of major problems for your health down the road.

The Anti-Aging and Wellness Clinic in Costa Rica only prescribes the best medications. We also do not over-charge for consultations on hormone replacement therapy like in the USA. Additionally we supply the same medications of HGH, our favorite being the in a Pen Format whereby the patient simply needs to remember how many clicks to turn the dial of the pen which ensures proper dosage of HGH prescribed by the doctor. Using the PEN format is also beneficial because it can by carried easier when traveling.

A study performed at Stanford University in 2007, show excellent evidence of the benefits of human growth hormone replacement therapy. Google it and learn more, but be careful of some of the hysteria surrounding negative side effects. Negative side effects are more to keep teens, bodybuilders and athletes from abusing such therapies in order to gain a competitive advantage. However, for top CEO and executives residing in the competitive marketplace like Silicon Valley, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco and of Course Los Angeles, it is a must to maintain ones’ competitive edge.

HGH can achieve the following based on Empirical and Anecdotal Evidence:

  1. increase in bone mass
  2. Reduced joint and muscle trauma
  3. Lower unwanted fat tissue
  4. Lower steroid alcohol levels
  5. Improved vision
  6. Thickening of the hair
  7. Deeper and sustained sleep
  8. hyperbolic drive
  9. hyperbolic muscle mass and suppleness
  10. Reduction and stress and heightened sense of well being
  11. Improved memory and mental acuity
  12. power tool and younger trying skin
  13. hyperbolic stamina and energy levels
  14. Declines in unwanted body fat