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As we age our key hormones decline. Sometimes it only takes a small change in one’s hormone levels to throw the body into chaos. In modern societies hormone levels like testosterone and human growth hormone are declining more rapidly than in past generations. Particularly testosterone in men.

BOTOX | Facial Fillers | DermaPen PrP

The Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic offer a variety of non-surgical cosmetic procedures including Botox, Facial Fillers and Micro-Needling with Platelet-rich Plasma or without. Our procedures will help you stay looking younger, longer, which is the objective of anti-aging.

The hCG diet originated over 50 years ago with Dr. Simeons. Dr. Simeons eventually wrote the Book: “Pounds and Inches,” in an attempt to remove the safety concerns of the hCG diet. Wikipedia and other conventional sites typically claim there is no weight loss attributable to the use of hCG.

Platelet-rich Plasma | Injury | Face | Hair | ED

Platelet-rich Plasma has many applications: Facial rejuvenation, tennis elbow, joint injuries, P-Shot, and hair regrowth. More recently it is used for erectile dysfunction. We use only the finest machine PrP technology. Our machine was shown to perform better than 12 other popular models.

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Know about Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic

About: The Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic is the leading international medical group with treatment centers in key medical tourists destinations. Currently we have two treatment centers in Costa Rica, one in Tijuana Mexico, and a 4th under construction in Panama. Our treatment centers are staffed by the most experienced anti-aging team in the Latin America region. The physicians are board certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Our centers concentrate in many different anti-aging therapies. Bio-identical hormone replacement (BHRT), facial & skin rejuvenation, medical weight loss, as well as vitamins and supplements. Human Growth Hormone replacement for AGHD is one of our leading treatments.

Our mission is to safely and effectively get our patients on the fast-track to optimal wellness. By doing so ultimately helping them to avoid unnecessary common age related chronic diseases plaguing the United States and other western societies. We can help patients at any one of our 3 operational treatment centers located in Costa Rica, Tijuana, Mexico, and soon in Panama City, Panama. The health of Americans and the US health care system specifically is spiraling out of control. Costs are growing and in many cases not affordable for elective procedures. With an over-weight / obesity epidemic approaching 70%, chronic diseases are growing more rapidly than the health care system can support. A different approach is needed. One that focuses on optimal health, hormone replacement when needed, a better diet, and appropriate amounts of exercise.

Speak with us. Learn what we can do differently for you. Your health, more often than not, is in your control. We encourage you to step out of the matrix. Do your research on the benefits of bio-identical hormone replacement, proper diet, and frequent exercise. Keeping your body mass index at an appropriate level coupled with other key health metrics goes a long way towards helping you avoid age related chronic diseases. Start today and succeed by loosing weight, feeling better about yourself, and replacing any hormones in decline to their optimal levels.

Quality of Care

Board certified physicians in anti-aging medicine


50%-60% savings for bio-identical hormone replacement


Centers are strategically located in top international medical tourist destinations


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Buy growth hormone in Florida, New York and California

Growth Hormone

Today we focus on knowing the benefits of having good levels of growth hormone. Unfortunately, the natural production of growth hormone decreases as we age. From 25 to 30 years

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Chelation Therapy in Costa Rica

Chelation Therapy

What is Chelation? Chelation is a chemical process by which a metal or mineral (such as Lead, Mercury, Copper, Iron, Arsenic, Aluminum, Calcium, etc.) Is linked to another substance. He

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All of the Anti-Aging and Wellness International treatment centers are staffed by highly qualified licensed physicians trained in Anti-Aging Medicine.

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All of the Anti-Aging and Wellness International treatment centers are located in the worlds leading medical tourism destinations. Enjoy the beaches and recreational activities just minutes away.

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Step 3 is where our board-certified doctors customize a treatment program for you and optimize it over time.

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