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10 secrets for glowing skin

Get the balance between beauty and health can be tricky. Many times we eat to look thinner, which leads to eating disorders. At other times, stress and worry, not enough sleep, or, we stop doing activities that result in a higher being, like going to the gym, reading or going for coffee with friends.So here we bring you 10 secrets to maintain radiant skin.

1. Think facial as a necessity, not a luxury. Visibly revitalized, relaxed mind and a better appearance of the face are the benefits we get to spoil a good facial.

2. Sleeping. It is the best way to reverse the damage caused by free radicals, resulting in cellular oxygenation. In addition to recharge and repair muscles, during sleep are repaired and create new tissues and cells. Therefore, when sleep is reduced in quality or quantity, the skin suffers.

3. Say ‘NO’ to stress. Engaging in any activity that we are passionate reduces stress, promotes a positive self- image and help us connect with people with similar interests. Make time to enjoy what we love to do also reduces feelings of loneliness and isolation so common today.

4. Exercising. If you don’t do it, do not wait! See what exercise you enjoy doing and make sure you mix well with your lifestyle (for you to be constant). Regular exercise ourselves nourishes the skin with oxygen while sweating helps to eliminate toxins.

5. Leaving work in the office. Avoid taking it home. It is important to give us the time to be with family and friends. The higher quality of life, the better our mental, physical and emotional health, and our skin will reflect it.

6. You are what you eat. Food is the fuel of both body and mind. So when we eat poorly, it shows. It is best to include in your diet foods rich in antioxidants, such as grenades, which help fight damage caused by free radicals.

7. Cleaning, care and hydrate the skin in the morning and at night. Our face also needs his daily bath and like teeth, do it at least twice a day -morning and evening- to free the skin and pores of any contamination which have been exposed either awake or asleep.

8. Taking supplements. We must include in our diet supplements necessary to ensure that our body receives enough nutrients to function and to have a glowing skin.

9. Wear sunscreen every day. To avoid damage, it is super important that we use a sunscreen against UVA and UVB rays. Doing so will make our skin look healthier over time.

10. Nourish the skin. Apply ourselves rich mask antioxidant one to three times a week will help fight free radicals to which we are exposed, plus it is an excellent way to maintain the health of our skin between facial and face, and give you a boost our beauty routine.

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