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300% Increase in Testosterone (Low-T) Therapy in Past 10 Years

October 27, 2013 – A recent article in the Huffington Post reports that a threefold increase in testosterone replacement therapy in men has occurred over the past decade. Whether you live in Boston, are a trader in New York City, or a surfer in Southern California, there is no escaping it. Low-T is for real. Fortunately, Low-T knowledge and treatments are helping to get the word out that something has “run amok” with hormone levels in both men and women from New York to California. Studies show a 25% decline since the 1980s in testosterone levels in men on average. That’s insanely crazy! Testosterone levels at very low levels are consistently linked in medical studies to increases in cases of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, low libido, sexual dysfunction and a host of other problems in both men and women. For more information on the Huffington Post’s article, click HERE.

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