tips for better abs

5 Quick tips for better Abs

Having a flat stomach and a narrow waist is the dream of every woman. However, it is one of the most difficult areas to keep in shape, but not impossible. With diet and exercise to lose belly, you will succeed.

Remember that having a flat tummy and a slim waist is not just about beauty but also health experts recommend have less than 80 cm in diameter of waist. Exceeding this measure is a sign of being overweight.

1. Do not skip meals: A common mistake is to think that if we skip a meal, we will lose weight. However, the effects are the opposite, to stop eating increases your anxiety so you end up eating more.

2. Exercise 1: Position yourself standing in front of a mirror and keep your back straight. In this position moves the trunk to the right first and then left for a minute and a half. Then do twenty repetitions on each side.

3. Say goodbye to “express” diets: Forget about diets that promise to lose a large amount of kilos in a few days, chances are that when you return to your daily eating habits, regain your weight and even a little more. Better opt for a balanced and healthy diet.

4. Exercise 2: Position yourself standing in front of a mirror and keep your back straight, raise your arms to shoulder height and making movements with the trunk sideways. Do it first to the right, stand in the middle and then to the left. Do twenty repetitions on each side.

5. Beware of hidden calories: To get flat abs you must be careful with alcohol, as it has many calories. Prefers natural water or failing a glass of whiskey, this is the drink that has fewer calories.

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