Authentic hGH Human Growth Hormone for Growth

teengrowAre you looking for authentic hGH for growth purposes? Will authentic hGH (human growth hormone) aid you with increasing your height? Well, that’s going to depend on the following factors.

We frequently field inquiries from individuals looking to buy authentic hGH (human growth hormone) for growth. Depending on the individuals age is one of the most important factors if authentic hGH will work or not.

Authentic hGH is a powerful hormone. It is also referred to as Somatropin, Norditropin, Saizen, JinTropin, GenTropin and other names similar to these. Before inquiring about the authenticity of the hGH, you should first do a Google Search of the brand to make sure it is authentic hGH.

In determining if you are a candidate for authentic hGH to help you grow taller, it is important to understand that the Epiphyseal Plates (growth plates) generally fuse within the ages of 16-18 in males and 13-14 in females. After these plates fuse, one that attempts to buy authentic hGH will not benefit from it. Once these plates are fused, there is no way for them to develop more cartilage and increase in size, resulting in an increase in height.

If a parent believes their child is a potential candidate to buy authentic hGH, they should first speak with their pediatrician before their child reaches age 16 for boys, and 13 years for girls.

It should be noted that these ages for fused plates are just norms. If one desires to be 100% sure, they can ask their doctor to do an x-ray of the hand (wrist) area. From this x-ray it will be easy for the physician to determine if the growth plates have fused and if authentic hGH (human growth hormone) is going to be of any value.

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