Benefits of Anti-Aging Medicine

Benefits of Anti-Aging Medicine

Our biological age sometimes does not correspond to our chronological age so it is very common to find people in their 40s that appear many years younger and vice versa. This is usually attributed to genes but in reality, these represent only 25% of longevity, the remaining 75 % is due to external causes. To halt the deterioration vital, science has invented treatments that decrease the production of free radicals. Hence the Antiaging is so successful for its ability to counter with a very early detection, cellular aging and prevent disease and correct.

Anti-aging benefits

Undergo this type of treatment has the advantage of increasing muscle strength, endurance, decrease body fat and getting a lean sexy body  improve sex life , presenting a smooth hydrated skin smoother than ever, elastic, and be less exposed to disease, improve immune system , enjoy a stronger memory , have a great sense of physical and psychic, etc being. To achieve these objectives, in pretesting looks absolutely everything: liver, kidneys, intestines, smell, vision, memory… until the nails, but the star of the diagnosis is the analysis of polymorphisms through a series of saliva indicators that predict disease risk patient (hypertension, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, colon cancer, breast cancer, diabetes…) either by heredity or lifestyle.

Looking for your health is not just about aesthetics and beauty, but longevity. Whether you are a man or a woman, in the end, you are a human being and we all function the same.

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