Benefits to relax the mind

Benefits to relax the mind

Meditation: People who meditate have about 30% more activity of an enzyme called telomerase, called the fountain of youth, allowing lengthening of telomeres (the ends of the chromosomes of the cells).

Disconnecting from electronic devices: Resting from email, mobile, tablet, television… reconnects us with reality, because, after all, technology changes the way we behave usually.

Take a walk through a relaxing area: Take a walk through a park, beach or forest, reduces the level of stress and frustration. In addition, be in communion with nature makes the body and mind rejuvenated and our mood improves feel. As if this were not enough, it also makes us more value our close relationships and be more generous to others.

If what you need is out of mental saturation for work, studies or routine, these three remedies will result in improved short-term memory, as well as all the benefits mentioned above.

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