Chelation Costa Rica

Chelation Costa Rica

Chelation Costa Rica is a therapy in which an unnatural amino acid, called EDTA, diethylamino tetra-acetic acid, is administered to a patient intravenously, under the prescription and medical supervision formally trained. This treatment is primarily used to improve blood circulation of patients because it acts on the vascular walls.

How many times takes place this treatment?

Chelation therapy is a series of treatments which usually consists of 20 to 50 intravenous infusions, according to the health status of each patient. The average required for patients with symptoms of coronary artery blockage is set to 30 treatments. Then you can give more maintenance treatments spaced every 2 weeks or every month indefinitely.

What it feels to receive chelation therapy?

Be treated with Chelation in Costa Rica is a very different experience compared to other treatments. No pain, sometimes very little sense of temporary discomfort. Patients sit in reclining chairs and can read, sleep, talk, or watch TV.

Are there any side effects or risks?

EDTA is relatively non-toxic and free of hazards, especially compared to other treatments. The risk of serious side effects, when properly administered, such a ratio is less than 1 to 10.000 patients treated. When administered properly, a physician trained in this type of therapy, chelation is as safe as aspirin.

Is it new the chelation therapy?

Not at all, the oldest human application took place during the Second World War, when the British used another chelating agent, the Britsh Anti- Lewisite (BAL), as an antidote to poisonous gas. Currently used in medicine.

Benefits of Chelation

It has now been found that the chelation is (among others) the following beneficial effects:

  1. Removes calcium from atheromatous plaques .
  2. Reduce the calcification of heart valves.
  3. Improves angina.
  4. Increases the flexibility and elasticity of arteries .
  5. Reduces and improves internal and external varices.
  6. Reduce the size of the kidney stones.
  7. Prevents gangrene.
  8. Helps normalize cardiac arrhythmias
  9. Reduce or relaxes excessive heart contractions
  10. Improves symptoms of Parkinson’s.
  11. Dissolve arterial thrombi.
  12. Produces low and normalization of blood pressure.
  13. Improves mood of the people, places more active
  14. Prevents deposition of cholesterol in the liver.
  15. Improves sexual impotence.
  16. Improves symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.
  17. Eliminates the chronic toxicity of lead and heavy metals.
  18. Improves vision in diabetic retinopathy.
  19. Improves the intellect, concentration power, memory, vision, libido and reflexes.
  20. Improves sleep.
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