Is DermaPen better than BOTOX?

DermaPen Treatment is one of the newest in-office procedures that could in fact delay the need for Botox injections for a person by 5-10 years. That is, if treatment is done consistently, usually 3-4 treatments a year. DermaPen fades scars, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, but most importantly it is totally natural (does not inject foreign chemicals into your body),  and leaves your skin brighter, tighter and fresher than ever.

So how does it work?

The DermaPen is a micro-needling device with a deposable micro-needle head attached to a rapidly moving piston (approximately 100 times a second). It creates microscopic holes in the top layers of skin which causes the skin to create more collagen – giving your skin an overall fuller look. The device is non-invasive and won best facial rejuvenation award in 2012.


DermaPen is an electric pen-shaped device capable of puncturing tiny holes in the skin. This stimulates healing. It is much more precise than derma-rollers and does not cause the same amount of pain to the patient. The disposable micro-needle cartridge on the DermaPen vibrates up and down as the doctor moves the pen around the face, neck and hands in some cases. Costs per session generally range around $200 and 3-4 treatments are recommended per year to maintain youthful looking skin.

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Of course, DermaPen is not better than BOTOX per se. It is simply a different tool. However, if you begin using this it will help delay the need for BOTOX in many cases. Combined with Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy, results can even be more dramatic, and perhaps only 2-3 treatments per year recommended.

DermaPen is a great product to help delay the need for Botox. For older patients that choose to use Botox and facial fillers, DermaPen is an excellent complement to improve the outer texture of the skin.

Below are the main benefits DermaPen can provide to you:

  1. Complimentary to Botox and Fillers
  2. Dramatically improves aged and sagging skin
  3. Tightens skin as collagen is produced
  4. Only 2-3 treatments are required to achieve great results
  5. Annual maintenance of 2-4 times a year recommended for best results
  6. Reduces acne scars, stretch marks, and even surgical scars

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