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Eating 3 times a day prevents obesity

Make more meals a day and not just limited to breakfast, lunch and dinner, reduces the risk of obesity and metabolic syndrome in overweight youth, despite the increased energy involved. This is the conclusion of research published in the journal International journal of obesity, adding a new benefit to diets with regular schedules without heavy meals.

Numerous studies have corroborated in recent decades a link between the increase of food and accelerating the metabolism, resulting in weight loss. This research, however, is the first to examine the relationship between frequency of intake, metabolism and visceral adiposity in young people with excess body fat and Hispanic origin, since they are more likely to develop such disorders .

The team of scientists from the University of Texas (USA) found a correlation between a high number of meals per day and lower fasting insulin levels, which is accompanied by a decrease in insulin resistance, responsible for lipogenic inadequate tendency action and abdominal obesity. The results also revealed that those who ate more frequently, had lower levels of circulating triglycerides, the excess of which contributes to hardening and narrowing of the arteries and can lead to metabolic syndrome. The study, however, did not consider the influence of physical activity on meal frequency.

In short, eat three times a day is associated with a lower rate of obesity and a lower risk of metabolic dysfunction; a finding that will be useful in the face of rising eradicate an epidemic worldwide.

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