Dra. Eglys Gutiérrez Díaz

Nutritionist, Director of Patient Nutrition

Eglys Gutiérrez Díaz

Eglys Gutiérrez Díaz is a trained professional nutritionist and professional chef. Her nutrition training was completed at the Universidad Hispanoamericana, Code: 1346-13. Her training as a Chef was completed at the Cooking and Culinary School “El Secreto del Chef” making her uniquely positioned to educate patients on proper nutrition and creative recipes for nutritionally healthy meals.

Ms. Eglys Gutiérrez Díaz also trained in Dentistry at the Universidad Internacional de las Américas, which she received an 85% scholarship due to having some of the highest academic honors in her high school. However, she later left dental school before finishing upon determining her real passion was for nutrition, health and wellness and not dentistry.

Ms. Eglys began accepting nutrition appointments at the Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic in November of 2013. Her experience in nutrition and her education as a professional chef provide her patients with vital information to get their health and eating habits optimized to the level of health and wellness they seek.

Ms. Eglys’ Clinical Nutritionist experience includes working with the Arthur Gough State Orphanage in charge of nutritional evaluation for children, and intervention into special cases where obesity or medical conditions required modified food preparation. She improved the level to 84% of its children to healthy status, with the remaining 16% as obese or malnourished requiring more supervised attention. She also guided the cafeteria in the selection, preparation and distribution of nutritionally balanced meals.



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