Forever Health Suzanne Sumors and Finding a BHRT Doctor

Forever Health Suzanne Sumers and Finding a BHRT Doctor

Many of us have come to know Suzanne Sumors as the sexy ageless blonde who came out of the closet many years ago in support of the use of bio-identical hormone replacement (BHRT) as a way of significantly reducing many of the negative side-effects of aging.  She is one of many who was fortunate to learn about this sort of treatment at middle age, giving her an added advantage with her therapy.

On the Suzanne Somers Forever Life web site, Suzanne speaks about the first step in finding a good BHRT doctor. A key point she makes is the lack of knowledge family physicians may have about bio-identical hormone replacement BHRT. You see, many family doctors are not that familiar with respect to this kind of therapy. Many also have misgivings about it, since they may be stuck in the old era of the negative side-effects from certain synthetic hormones like Premarin, a non bio-identical Estrogen hormone made from horse urine. More information on the problems with Premarin can be researched simply by doing a Google search.

A lot has changed over the last 10-20 years since Suzanne Somers first started talking about BHRT. The mass availability of growth hormone, testosterone and other hormones bio-chemically engineered with the same exact bio-identical molecular structure of our own hormones, has driven down treatment costs associated with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy BHRT. That’s great news for an aging baby-boomer population.

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Besides discussing the potential lack of up to date information that your family doctor may be aware of related to bio-identical hormone replacement therapy BHRT, Szanne Sumors doesn’t really say much else. She does recommend her followers go to her database of listed physicians in order to find a BHRT physician. However, we believe there is an easier way. Most of the doctors on this list are paying Suzanne Somers or one of her companies to be listed, and that does not necessarily mean they are good BHRT doctors.

Another source for finding a BHRT physician is to go to the American Academy of Anti-Aging website ( They also provide a list of physicians and clinics who have membership with them. From that list it is best to drill down further to find a doctor boad certified in anti-aging medicine. That means they have fulfilled the rigorous examination requirements (both oral and written) to have been selected by a board of their peers in order to advertise and display this accreditation. That is one of the best steps you can take to make sure you are in good hands with your BHRT doctor.

Besides finding a good BHRT doctor, one thing not covered by Suzanne Somers is how to find treatment for a good price. Most of the best BHRT doctors in the United States are treating high net-worth individuals, if not movie stars and famous athletes, and they can get away with charging very high consultation fees. Suzanne Somers can afford these fees but many middle class individuals cannot. So, if you go to a top BHRT doctor, prepare to pay a lot for this therapy monthy in consultation and treatment fees.

So what’s your best option? Admittedly we are biased in this regard, but having been on bio-identical hormone replacement therapy myself for more than 10 years, I can confidently say that the international bio-identical hormone replacement clinic in Costa Rica is one of the best options for US and Canadian citizens. It’s just a short flight from many major airports in the US. Costa Rica is especially convenient for those residents coming from Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Houston, Maryland, Toronto and New York, since scheduled daily non-stop flights exist from these major cities.

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This is what our clinic will do for you:

  • Put you on a top program by a board certified doctor in Anti-Aging (BHRT doctor).
  • Get you in and out of the clinic in one day, including blood testing, analysis, medical consultation and prescribed treatment.
  • Save you 50%-60% on your BHRT treatment compared to US and Canadian prices.
  • Provide you with excellent follow-up care and on-going treatment support for the time you remain on the program.
  • Treat you with the utmost respect and privacy, while treating you aggressively enough to get your hormone levels performing in their optimal upper physiological ranges.

It is no secret Suzanne Sumors has made enormous contributions to the field of anti-aging medicine and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. For that we owe her a great deal of gratitude for informing so many millions of the potential benefits of this kind of therapy.

Recently she stated that she and her husband, who is 77 years of age, and also is on BHRT therapy, continue to have an active sex life. This intrigued me, so I searched for a photo of her and her husband together. Quite honestly, for 77 years of age, he looks as if he could be the poster child for bio-identical hormone replacement therapy BHRT. See image at the bottom at this blog.

Forever Health Suzanne Sumers and Finding a BHRT Doctor

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