Frequently we get asked what is necessary to calculate International Units (IU) for the Merck One.Click Saizen 8.8mg pen. This is a relatively simple calculation using the Merck One.Click dosage chart. However, it can be confusing so we have created a reference table that can be used to equate the number of clicks to its approximate dosage in International Units (IU). <

For Norditropin Nordilet Pens, please click on the following link and a table will appear showing the correct conversion.

You may inject growth hormone subcutaneously in many locations on the body. For children this may include the back of the thigh, buttocks or stomach, For adults, it is generally recommended to inject 1-2 inches to the left or right of the “belly button.” Pinch softly with the thumb and index finger about an inch of belly fat, and inject.

Normally, when done properly, the injections can be felt very little. The needles used for injection are very small depending on the type of hGH. Just be careful to make sure the injection site is clean, as well as the needle.

No. hGH is a protein made up of precisely 191 amino acids. It must be injected subcutaneously so it may enter directly into the blood stream. Any supplements advertised as oral hGH boosters are not real hGH and most likely will have no benefit whatsoever to increasing IGF-1 levels (growth hormone) in your body. Only growth hormone made by the top pharmaceutical companies should be trusted. There are many black market products that could be very dangerous to your health.

No. For your health and safety, we cannot treat anyone without them first having a consultation with one of our qualified physicians in person. That includes a blood examination. We can begin the blood examination immediately. Please click on this link to order:

We are frequently asked why patients must come to Costa Rica for treatment. Most important, the clinic is not an internet pharmacy. We follow guidelines and protocols recommended by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M.COM). The A4M is one of the most prestigious and largest anti-aging medical associations globally. Like the A4M, the Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic promotes safe, effective and legal anti-aging and age management practices. One of them being proper examination by trained physician who is board certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

That depends on each individual. Usually we recommend to start doing a Anti-Aging Blood Panel beginning at age 35 and then once every 1-2 years thereafter. Hormones levels decrease with age, but depending on one’s lifestyle, some may experience faster decline at younger ages than others. For this reason, it’s always good to check your levels. Especially if you are not feeling the energy you once had, or are not recovering as fast from exercise, and have seen a decline in libido. In the US, to order the Anti-Aging Blood Panel, please click the following link:

Absolutely. We live in a world with an aging population and an epidemic of degernative diseases. Hence, the majority of travellers are carrying some form of prescription medication with them. You should only travel with quantities consistent with personal use and which were prescribed to you by a licensed physician.

The answer is yes. hGH is commonly used in children that are not growing at the same pace as their peers. It can also be used in some cases for HIV patients where wasting is occurring. More and more it is being looked at for reducing recover time for hip replacement surgeries and burn recovery. Human growth hormone is an FDA approved medication. In the United States it is often prescribed to patients who have shown signs of hGH deficiency based on blood tests and medical consultations.

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