Google Calico

Google Calico: The new company looking to extend human life

On September 18 2013, Google announced on its official blog the launch of Calico, company oriented to combat diseases associated with aging. According to a TIME article, the project will start with a small number of employees and will initially focus on researching new technologies applied to human welfare.

“In the long term, thinking about health care and biotechnology, I think we can improve millions of lives,” said Larry Page, CEO of Google.

One of the greatest investors of Calico is Arthur Levinson, scientist and president of Genentech and Apple Inc, who also is executive director of the new project. The announcement of the creation of Calico demonstrates a unique collaboration between Google and Apple, two companies that have a very different way of operating. Apple cares about innovation and about to launch new products continuously, while Google leads the eye to areas where other companies do not: now wants to challenge death.

Probably it will be several years before coming to light the first results of Calico. Biotechnology research is very expensive and the project is just beginning, but surely revolutionize the field of health and technology. Probably in a few years not only find some pills that assure us a few minutes, months or years of life but also our time to acquire an exchange value.

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