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Growth Hormone

Today we focus on knowing the benefits of having good levels of growth hormone.

Unfortunately, the natural production of growth hormone decreases as we age. From 25 to 30 years the levels start to fall. To give you an idea, at age 25 HGH levels are around 600ug and 60 may be in the 100ug. But, if we have good levels of growth hormone, we can take advantage of many years of benefits it provides.

Some of these benefits are:

  1. Slows the effects of aging on the skin. It has been shown that this hormone is primarily responsible for the change in the condition of the skin as we age. If we have good levels, production of elastin and collagen are elevated. These proteins promote skin elasticity and ensure a more youthful skin. It also helps in delaying fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and pigmentation.
  2. Helps maintain weight. When aging starts, the metabolism slows down if we do not take appropriate action. I get tired of seeing people who have always maintained acceptable percentages of fat and gain fat as the years go by still maintaining the same lifestyle. With age, the ability to burn body fat becomes weaker, but if we have a good hormone levels may stay intact for years that capacity.
  3. Increases muscle mass. By having good levels of HGH, gain muscle get easier as we will have more muscle cells.
  4. Strengthens the immune system. Adequate levels of HGH in the body leading to a more reinforced by a white blood cell count elevated blood immune system. This causes the body to have a more effective response to any attack by external agents.
  5. Increases energy and vitality. HGH combustion becomes simpler glucose to fat. Therefore, not only will help us with our body but you’ll be more active and stronger to face the challenges of life.
  6. Retains memory. Over time, the brain cells die. If we have good levels of HGH these cells may be replaced by others of a quicker and simpler thereby form slow cognitive decline.

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