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Cost of HGH

The cost of HGH is too expensive in the United States. Therefore, Medical Tourist flock to our beautiful country for legal HGH replacement therapy. In Costa Rica, our physicians are board certified in Anti-Aging Medicine. They can prescribe HGH for quality of life reasons. That’s a plus. It results in great medical care at a lower price. So much so, if you elect HGH treatment, you can look at paying several medical vacations a year. It’s that much of a price difference.


HGH Prices and Comparable Costs of HGH Therapy

We offer 3 types of HGH at our international treatment centers. They are leading brands. In fact, they come from the very largest multinational pharmaceutical companies. Please do an internet search to learn more about the manufacturers below:

Norditropin HGH

This produce is made my Novo Nordisk. It is the leader in HGH replacement. They have the largest market share in the USA and abroad.

Saizen HGH

Saizen is made by Merck. Merck is a trusted name in many of our pharmaceuticals used throughout the world.

Humatrope HGH

Humatrope is from Eli Lilly. They are a very large multinational pharmaceutical company.

Currently we do not offer the following substitute brands of HGH replacement. Therefore, they are not included in our HGH prices or cost tables.

Genotropin HGH

Tev-Tropen HGH



HGH in Costa Rica (Human Growth Hormone) has been used in recent years for various treatments, as well as growth problems. Knowing a little bit more about it can help you decide if it’s good for you or not.

Medical uses for adults

Some adults who used radiation treatments for diseases like cancer or brain surgeries can affect their production of HGH, and those who may have suffered brain trauma or brain disorders, can use HGH to help increase their levels.

Other medical problems

People with AIDS sometimes use HGH to help maintain and increase the muscle mass. Some people with short bowel syndrome may need HGH. Sometimes HGH is used to treat diseases such as severe burns or other injuries.

Non-medical uses of HGH

Some people use HGH to treat other common problems. Sleep problems, weight gain, weakness, memory problems and sexual problems are some of the things that can solve. Many use the HGH as anti aging treatment.

Athletic uses

Some athletes use HGH to increase muscle mass, improve performance and increase energy levels. Although this type of use is not recommended, there are many who say it works well.

How to get HGH for sale in Costa Rica?

The Anti-Aging and Wellness Clinic can help you in that matter:



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