what causes low hgh?

What causes low hGH Human Growth Hormone?

what causes low hgh?Anti-Aging treatments, Age Management treatments, and hormone restoration treatments are exploding around the globe. From places as far away as Bali, Croatia, Costa Rica, or as close to home as Los Angeles or New York, well-educated affluent baby-boomers are seeking bio-identical hormone replacement therapy more than ever before.
Increasingly, these treatments have come under attack. From government politicians to leading journalists and major media, inquiring individuals interested in this kind of therapy are often scared away from seeking treatment or delivering treatment by misinformation and legal intimidation.
It’s important to realize, hormone replacement therapy for human growth hormone, testosterone and other hormones, are only recommended for adults that show a deficiency. Only then should hormone replacement therapy be prescribed.
Unfortunately, for so many of us living in modern societies, hormone deficiency is becoming more the norm, rather than the exception. This blog addresses some of the potential reasons why.
Often Anti-Aging therapies based on bio-identical hormone replacement therapies are mistaken to be a form of age reversal. That is not the case. What is amazing, however, is how measureable the beneficial clinical results clinics like ours see that can be measured when HRT is administered properly. Most importantly, when treatment is followed in a disciplined manner by the patient, lives can be changed dramatically.
Dr. Jeffery Life, renowned physician from Cenegenics in the United States is one great example. At 57, he was an overweight physician on his way to developing type II diabetes. After discovering the benefits of hormone replacement therapy, as he states in his book, the Life Plan, he began to change his diet, exercise regimene, and aggressively learned about the importance of hormone optimization and balance. Now at age 74, he has the body George Clooney must envy.

How to get hGH human growth hormone prescribed?

So, what is going on here with human growth hormone hGH and Testosterone treatment?

Why so much hysteria by big governments? Why so much hysteria by major media outlets? Is there scientific basis for their position? Is their contradictory scientific evidence to their criticism?  Of course there is.

Any well educated individual can cleverly argue research and statistics once they learn how to do so.

Some very intelligent, successful, and famous people have made some very clever statements which can help many of us understand how statistics are used for controlling desired outcomes. As, Steve Jobs said, “Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice,” many of us somehow know what is truly right for our own health and wellness.

This is not to suggest an endorsement by Jobs for HRT, but rather one argument to be suspicious of special interests and how they impact the information we receive.

The inner voice heard by the majority of our patients says…, “My hormones are in decline, I’m not feeling as well as I should, and something needs to be done about it.”

Let’s face it – infertility is on the rise (Science shows this). Sperm count in men is declining (Science confirms this). Testosterone levels in men are declining more rapidly. There are factors to this, but medical science is in a state of analysis-paralysis with debates offering evidence from all sides. Something seems to suggest medicine is waiting for big pharma to invent a super-pill to solve the problem, when existing treatments are already available.

It seems like it may be logical to say that the more we live the modern fast-paced life, eat unnaturally processed foods, drink unnaturally manufactured water, we tend to expose ourselves to more risks of becoming more robotic, less mentally sharp, and, in a sense, more sterilized in all matters of nature.

Returning to statistics often relied upon by the conventional medical establishment, here are some famous quotes offering advice for those who chose to think differently:

  • There are 3 kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics – Benjamin Disaeli
  • Statistics are used much like a drunk uses a lamppost: for support, not illumination. – Vin Scully
  • There are lies, damned lies and statistics. – Mark Twain
  • If your experiment needs statistics, you ought to have done a better experiment. – Ernest Rutherford

Who should you believe about hormones like hGH – Human Growth Hormone?

Every physician, engineer, PhD, and business statistician understands the need for research. Those in high-technology, like myself (Managing Director of the Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic), appreciate and recognize the importance of statistics. Nevertheless, we must also understand the importance of “time-to-market”, “trial and error”, and most importantly, “empirical evidence.” Survival in technology depends upon it, as it has in nature for millions of years. Integrating and balancing statistics, intuition, common sense, and empirical evidence are key.

Integrative Medicine – hGH, Human Growth Hormone – How to get hGH prescribed?

Integrative medicine, like that practiced at the Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic follows proven medical science, past medical research, modern medical know-how, recognized statistics, and empirical clinical results. Most important to us is how well our patients feel and live their lives when they follow a safe and effective bio-identical hormone replacement program, which includes:

  • Proper nutrition
  • Exercise & Stress Reduction
  • Vitamin supplementation
  • Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, including the “Master Hormone” hGH, and others

What are the causes of declining hGH and Testosterone and how to get hGH prescribed?

Part of it is due to aging. But research has shown we’re losing our optimal hormone levels at younger ages, resulting in the potential for the acceleration of more age related degenerative diseases. So what’s causing it? Here are some possible culprits – known as the “Dirty Dozen – List of Endocrine Disruptors.”

The following are 3 of the top 12 hormone altering toxic chemicals you need to avoid:


BPA is often found in plastics, like common plastic bottles we drink out of. BPA is known to mimic in the body the sex hormone estrogen. According to the US government – 93 percent of Americans have BPA in their bodies. Avoid it by eating fresh foods that are not canned and avoid plastics that have it.


This chemical is common in manufacturing. It is formed when chlorine and bromine are burned while in the presence of carbon and oxygen. Without getting too technical, Dioxins disrupt complex and precise hormone signaling for both male and female sex hormones. It affects sperm quality and lowers sperm count in men. Dioxins build up in the body and have accumulated for years in our food and water supply. Avoid Dioxins by limiting your consumption of contaminated food supply existing of meat, fish, milk, eggs and butter. If this sounds drastic, maybe now you understand a bit more of why increasingly our hormones are skewed and wreaking havoc on our health and wellness.


This chemical is widely used on corn crops in the United States. A simple Google Search will reveal more about why. The importance is that it has been show to feminize frogs.

What do we mean by feminization of frogs? Well, researchers have found that low doses of the herbicide atrazine have been shown to turn male frogs into female frogs. In fact, so much so these converts can produce viable eggs. (Frogs don’t need a sex change operation with Atrazine!).

For more information on the remaining 12 endocrine disruptors, do a simple Google Search and you will find an abundance of information from reliable sources.

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