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A recent survey is a wake up call for families of teens. America’s teens have seen more than a doubling in hGH use over the past year. What is hGH? hGH is a powerful hormone used to treat dwarfism and adult human growth hormone deficiency. Common names for hGH include: Somatropin, Norditropin, Saizen, JinTropin, hGH, and Human Growth Hormone.

HGH News

More than 3,705 high school students were questioned in a confidential study. The study was done by Drug-Free Kids. According to the HGH study, 11 percent of those surveyed reported using HGH at least once. The same HGH study over the preceding 4 years showed only 5 percent of the  students have used HGH at least once.

Why the increase in use of hGH among teens? We think it could be due to the following reasons:

  • Peer pressure
  • Body image
  • Media hype over athletes using it to heal and excel
  • Government involvement creating scarcity thru pseudo-prohibition (anyone with an understanding of marketing and behavioral psychology understands how scarcity motivates human behavior)
  • A lack of understanding by teens that their bodies produce more than enough hGH at their age. Teens need to learn a drug is not the source to better health. It’s diet, exercise and discipline
  • Black market scams

How did the study break-out among boys and girls?

  • 9 Percent of Girls reported trying it
  • 12 Percent of Boys reported trying it

Given the high cost of authentic hGH, it’s most likely these teens are using a black market product. They are in fact subjecting themselves to hGH sold unregulated and uncontrolled. For clinics such as ours that believe in the benefits of hGH replacement in aging adults, it’s concerning. We don’t want black market products abused by teens giving government bureaucrats any more reason to make it more difficult for adults to be treated with authentic hGH for true GH deficiency. That’s the real hGH News.

A growing number of us are catching on to these types of studies trying once again to make hGH News, news. What is the agenda in this research? The fact is hGH can and does improve the lives of those that use it under the supervision of a licensed physician. Let’s keep black market hGH out of the reach of teens, but let’s let physicians and patients determine what’s right for the aging.

At the Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic, our chief medical officer is board certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. They are a group of over 26,000 physicians and scientists worldwide and a great source of scientific hGH News.

hGH news

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