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At the Anti-Aging and Wellness Treatment Centers in Costa Rica, Tijuana Mexico, and Panama City Panama, we prescribe three brands of HGH replacement therapy. All are the same FDA approved medications and come from the leading growth hormone producers. The difference is that these medications are more than twice the cost in the US. For HGH replacement therapy. It can run thousands of dollars or more per month in the United States.

In Costa Rica, Mexico, and Panama, for the same type of therapy, using the same medications, we can successfully treat most patients on average for a rate of $550 per month USD.

Norditropin is the most popular. It comes premixed in one of the best packages available for HGH. The device consists of a fountain pen form-factor. It is also formulated in such a manner that one can travel from 14-21 days with the medication without refrigeration. Note: refrigeration is always recommended when available, but is not absolutely required. The Norditropin HGH is produced by Novo Nordisk. Novo Nordisk is the top global producer of human growth hormone.

The graph below shows Norditropin as the leading brand of HGH glocally. Norditropin leads in market share primarily due to its convenience by coming pre-mixed and pre-filled in a pen form-factor.

Norditropin HGH Injection Pen Market Share

Norditropin HGH Injection Pen popularity - leader in market.

Why? Because it comes in a Pen form-factor. It is already pre-mixed. It is also convenient for business travelers since it can go up to 3 weeks without refrigeration. No HGH replacement therapy is as convenient as Norditropin in the marketplace, which is why they are the global leader.

Since most of our patients come from the US and Canada for better care at better rates, they are appreciative that they can get exceptional care, high quality medicines, and excellent patient-customer relations, exceeding what they receive back home. If you are using another provider, give us a try on your next refill and blood test. You will be hooked once you learn how to get better results for less without sacrificing the quality of care.

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