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HGH Online Pharmacy Human Growth Hormone

Please don’t think we are an HGH Online Pharmacy… Hardly a day passes us by without receiving at least one prospective (“patient”) inquiring if we can ship them hGH or Testosterone by mail without a prescription. Perhaps that’s because we’re in Costa Rica. Sometimes it’s hard for Americans and Canadians to recognize that emerging markets have come of age. Emerging markets like Costa Rica are growing faster than the industrialized world as measured by GDP, but we are also advancing rapidly in the medical and technical sciences as well.

In the case of Costa Rican Medicine, the country receives close to 45,000 Medical Tourists annually for various medical procedures. The main reason is value. More and more Americans prefer to get treatment by a top Costa Rican physician for less than an average North American physician for more. The fact of the matter is modern medicine exists throughout the Americas, including Central and South America.

So,…….are we an HGH online pharmacy peddling human growth hormone to the highest bidder? Absolutely not! We are a group of US and Costa Rican professionals dedicated to health, wellness and longevity. Our mission is to deliver better value and medical privacy to an elite group of individuals who have done their research and recognize bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is an important step to aging stronger longer.
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The Risks

Buying HGH or any other hormone from a so called “HGH Online Pharmacy” is very risky. At best you will likely receive hCG instead of hGH. At worst you may end up poisoning yourself or doing irreversible damage to your endocrine system.
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Human Growth Hormone is a very complex hormone to reproduce. In fact, it is so complicated only a few manufacturers around the world produce it properly. It is a structure of 191 Amino Acids and it must be injected subcutaneously into the skin. Many knock-off products contain 192 Amino Acids. It’s very close to pure, but it is not. Since it is not pure, the body will initially respond as if it is real hGH. In the beginning you may even experience some of the typical benefits of hGH. However, since it is not bio-identically equal to the 191 Amino Acid hGH, the body sees it as a foreign substance and the immune systems creates antibodies. These antibodies essentially neutralize subsequent doses and the benefits soon diminish, as does your bank account.
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HGH Online Pharmacies are also known for their scams. Once they have your credit card authorization you are at their mercy. There is a good chance nothing will even get shipped to you. If it does, there is even more of a chance it is a knock-off. Then you must also worry about importation and customs. The likelihood of getting real hGH Human Growth Hormone delivered to your doorstep is rare. There are just too many possibilities for fraud at every turn.

The fact is we are not an HGH Online Pharmacy and we never will be. We are a professional Anti-Aging Clinic. We have membership with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Our Chief Medical Officer is board certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. He has been practicing in this field for more than 8 years and has successfully treated 1,000s of patients from around the world.

If you decide not to go the HGH Online Pharmacy route, but you are convinced you want to learn more about safe Anti-Aging and Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, then please email us at: info@AntiAgeCR.com. Your inquiry will be held in the strictest confidence and someone will be in contact with you within minutes during normal business hours.

To learn more about our programs, please visit: www.AntiAgeCR.com.

Be well and stay far away from any HGH Online Pharmacy, because it is likely a scam.

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