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Mark Cuban raised eyebrows yesterday by suggesting the NBA should do more research into the use of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) to increase the healing power of injured athletes. Many of us understand Mark Cuban is a brilliant man, but also outspoken and controversial. Maybe that’s just what is needed to get major media and the public in general to recognize the Human Growth Hormone has indeed been studied for healing and in fact has been shown to speed healing significantly. It is known as the regenerative hormone within Anti-Aging and Age Management medical fields.

However, because of the negative stigma attached to it, Mark Cuban cleverly crafted his words to state more research should be done. This is code-speak for that he probably has already Googled the countless medical studies showing these facts, may even be using it himself for its help in keeping one healthy, with energy and vitality, but also recognizes the old guard, including many government agencies just wishes to ignore the evidence already presented and demonize physicians treating aging patients due to its benefits (as recently stated in The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine Position Paper). The Academy is a group of 20,000 physicians and scientists around the world – so it’s not quackery as some might lead you to believe.

This is one of the reasons we receive so many patients inquiring about our anti-aging services from the California area (and the San Francisco area in particular). Many of our patients and inquiries come from searching for Anti-Aging Clinics in San Francisco. They see we come up as one of the highly ranked web sites, read about our treatments, including human growth hormone (hgh) replacement therapy, bio identical testosterone therapy, and other important hormones which may be in rapid decline as you grow older.

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By finding us on Google search, they are surprised to see we are located in Costa Rica, one of the top 5 medical tourism destinations in the whole world, but so close to the San Francisco area, as Medical Tourism goes. Patients historically turned to Medical Tourism for cost savings, but more and more are actually high net worth executives and professionals looking to get their treatments for HGH and Testosterone replacement therapy in the privacy of Costa Rica, and avoid getting their medical data published in some government database, which will soon be cataloging most patient records electronically. By traveling to Costa Rica (as stated one of the top 5 medical tourist destinations in the world) they recognize they will receive good quality care while maintaining privacy and potential ridicule from the future possibility of someone stumbling upon their medical records in years to come.

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At the Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic we treat our patients following many of the age management and anti-aging protocols discussed, presented and recommended by many anti-aging doctors and scientist who support and maintain membership with The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Dr. Mesen is Chief Medical Officer of the Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic and has been a member of this prestigious group for several years. He has been providing Anti-Aging (BHRT) therapies to patients from all parts of the world for more than 7 years, and is highly recognized as one of the top doctors in this new area of medicine.

For the average San Francisco resident seeking Anti-Aging Medicine treatment, but is afraid to take the first step forward, rest assured that Dr. Mesen is indeed one of the better physicians you will meet. Your medical records will remain strictly confidential so you won’t have to fear being ridiculed down the road when computerized medical records begin to leak out into the public domain.

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So, for a San Francisco resident searching for an Anti-Aging Doctor and treatment, this is how the process is achieved:

  1. First a comprehensive blood test is required that will look at a number of hormones and other vital areas of your blood to determine how you are doing. This blood test can be prescribed by one of Dr. Mesen’s medical affiliates in the United States, and the blood can be drawn by a local laboratory in your community. Of course, we provide sophisticated blood testing at our clinic as well, so either option is available.
  2. The blood test results will be emailed from the blood lab to Dr. Mesen giving him the opportunity to review the test in advance. If the blood panel is taken in San Francisco, you will already know your blood results and possible deficiencies before your departure from San Francisco to Costa Rica.
  3. You will fly from San Francisco to Costa Rica (note: Costa Rica is a beautiful country only 2.5 hours flight from Miami, so it is very close to the United States and is known as a top global tourist destination and has a large American retirement population.) Upon your arrival you can come directly to the clinic and receive your medical consultation. A complete medical exam and face to face consultation occurs. He will cover your current health status and family medical history as well as doing a body compensation test.
  4. After your medical exam and your blood test results are reviewed, treatment is prescribed depending on your particular needs. You are welcome to travel with your treatment domestically and internationally along with your prescription under international law just like any other medication. Of course, the stipulation is if the prescription is for your personal medical use.
  5. Follow up is achieved through phone consultation, skype video consultation and personal consultation for future treatments as needed.

All treatments prescribed for our San Francisco patients are bio-identical hormones and are the same medications prescribed in the USA, manufactured by the same manufacturers.  For example, for Human Growth Hormone (HGH) we recommend the Pen delivery system which is very convenient and easily traveled with. One reassuring benefit is these medications are 40% less than the same medication in the USA, since the USA generally has much higher prescription fees for most medications. That coupled with the fact our team, particularly Dr. Mesen, provides you with much better service. How? When you have a question – you can call and speak to him directly, unlike most US doctors. If does is best to make himself available to his patients. If he is unavailable at the time of your call, he will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you are in San Francisco, feeling fatigued, have a low libido, and just are not feeling as sharp as you once did, you should get a compete male or female anti-aging hormone blood panel completed and reviewed by a  medical doctor educated in anti-aging medicine. We can set that up the same day in most cases at the Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic.

This is but one of many medical articles. More can be found on Google search – educate yourself and take action. There are solutions.


For San Francisco Anti-Aging Blood Test Centers, please visit our Blood Testing & Blood Panels Web Page.

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