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HGH side effects

People commonly used human growth hormone (HGH) to try to slow or reverse the effects of aging. Those who use it may have different types of side effects that can occur, especially if they take the wrong dose. HGH can also accelerate the progression of certain types of existing health conditions. You can minimize side effects by lowering the dose, and seeing a doctor specializing in HGH.

Common Side Effects

HGH can cause some common side effects among different types of people. Common effects include joint pain and swelling, fluid retention and insulin resistance in the case of use for a short time. Typically the joint pain finds its cause in the trend of HGH to make a person begins to grow.

Significant side effects

When abused for longer periods of human growth hormone, may occur serious adverse effects and complications. Including arrhythmia, an increased risk of developing diabetes, experience joint deformities and face, as well as the beginning of the non-functioning of the pituitary gland are included.


The hypoglycemia is a condition in which individuals naturally produce too much insulin, resulting in abnormal levels of glucose in the body . This condition is the opposite of diabetes, when the body lacks adequate amounts of insulin. The use of HGH increase insulin levels in the body, which can develop hyperglycemia. Generally, insulin returned to normal when the dose is reduced or stops ingesting the drug.


The acromeglia is a disease that can cause abnormal bone growth in some people. Although rare, the disease or condition is not caused by ingesting human growth hormone. But people who have genes that cause disease are at high risk to become active. The use of HGH can also cause the disease accelerates if it is already active.

Distended abdomen

Individuals using HGH while working your body can sometimes develop a distended abdomen if you have not taken the drug correctly. When taken according to directions, this condition or side effect is rare in most people. Take it adequately prevent or reduce the dose happen.

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