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Who should be treated with HGH therapy services?

Adults over 30 years begin to show signs and symptoms of gradual deficit Human Growth Hormone aggravated over time. It is here where the earliest manifestations of biological aging process show up, ie the oxidation of cells and tissues, causing disease and the inevitable loss of energy and health deterioration.

What are the symptoms that indicate a lack of human growth hormone?

There are many, but the most recognized are irritability, memory loss, sleepiness, fatigue, presbyopia, depression, panic, and sexual dysfunction, which are linked to the oxidation conditions of the nervous system, directly related to the different levels of stress that reduces strictly Growth Hormone production. The heart and vascular conditions such as hypertension, atherosclerosis, stroke, coronary infarction, are caused by excessive cellular oxidation dependent on low levels of growth hormone.

What is HGH therapy?

We should clarify that it is a unique and personalized treatment, which can be combined with other treatments. These treatments require laboratory studies and previous images. Based on the diagnosis, the patient started treatment with growth hormone, given that the same time depend on the evolution and improvement of the patient.

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