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HGHT Costs

Cost of HGH Injections as Part of Hormone Replacement Therapy

hght-cost-550-per-month* $550 USD per month equivalent to 30 IUs.

HGHT is an acronym for Human Growth Hormone Replacement Treatment. Sometimes this treatment will include Testosterone Replacement Therapy. The acronym represents a powerful combination of the two most popular hormone based rejuvenation therapies for men with deficiencies. HGHT is for women as well, often combined with estrogen and progesterone therapy.

Studies have shown, that when men with deficiencies replace these two hormones, combining it with a healthy clean diet, they receive the following benefits:

  • Improved exercise stamina and recovery.
  • Reduction in healing time.
  • Improved sense of well-being, sometimes referred to as a glowing aura.
  • Enhanced skin thickness.
  • Increase in lean muscle mass.
  • Decrease in total body fat, especially in the abdominal areas.
  • Improved cholesterol profile.
  • Improved sex drive and performance.
  • Increased bone density (important for aging adults)

These are just some of the benefits reported.

HGHT Cost Comparisons with USA Hormone Replacement Programs

The costs of HGHT is a big problem throughout the USA. For HGHT programs that include 100% natural bioidentical human growth hormone, prices range fro $5,000 all the way on up to $19,500 for Norditropin HGH. For Omnitrope and others, slightly less. Most Americans cannot afford this treatment. It’s become more of a benefit for the rich and famous.

At the Anti-Aging and Wellness Treatment Centers, individuals can expect their monthly rate for Noditropin HGH to run around $550 per month. It may even be less depending on the location of our treatment center.

Note: For HGHT Replacement, we use only 100% bioidentical hormones. Noditropin HGH (our preferred brand) is the global leader in HGH. They distribute more in the USA than any other brand. Norditropin is FDA approved in the USA for the human growth hormone replacement therapy in adults with measurable deficiencies.

HGHT Initial Evaluation

The initial evaluation at our treatment centers for HGHT is $550. This includes a comprehensive blood examination and physician consultation. Upon reviewing the results of testing, HGHT is prescribed to replenish the deficiencies observed.

The decline of HGHT as we Age

The following charts below show how the powerful combo of HGHT declines with age. Although it is quite normal for hormone levels to decline with age, they are declining far more rapidly in modern generations than in past generations.


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