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Hormone Replacement Therapy

hormone-replacement-therapy, hgh, testosteroneAs we age our hormones decrease. When diminished levels begin to degrade the quality of life, we search out hormone replacement therapy.

Sometimes it takes only a small change in one’s hormone levels to throw the body into chaos. Symptoms may include: lack of energy, depression, decreased libido, increased fat stores, and malaise. For unknown reasons, our key sex hormones are declining faster than in prior generations. Especially testosterone in men. Some research has indicated as much as a 25% decrease for comparably aged men between the ages of 35 and 75 than those men measured 30 years ago.

It’s unknown exactly what causes accelerated testosterone decline in men. Most likely it is diet and lifestyle-related.  This includes the food we eat like processed foods and too much meat and dairy. As our obesity epidemic extends to 67% of the population (overweight or obese) it is no surprise. Stress can also play a role. Many environmental toxins also have been shown to disrupt hormones in both men and women. These factors are creating a perfect storm.

On top of all that, we are living longer, but with less health and wellness which reduces the quality of life.


Our goal at the Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic is to make sure your hormones are at optimum levels. Why? Because your hormones are chemical messengers and if one or multiple hormones are out of balance, the body tries to compensate, perhaps creating more imbalances elsewhere. That metabolic chaos becomes a vicious cycle. Bioidentical hormone replacement, proper nutrition, and exercise is a prescription for success for many for reversing this process.

By optimizing your hormone levels, the Anti-Aging medical community aims to achieve an optimum hormonal balance for each individual patient. In doing so, we routinely see amazing outcomes. Hormone optimization by itself is not a miracle cure, but combined with a proper Age Management Program, like the one offered at our clinic, promoting optimal nutrition, most will indeed see a dramatic improvement in their overall health and well-being. Generally, if they do not – we need to examine more closely the patient’s diet and help them eat cleaner and healthier.

Of course, nothing happens overnight. It takes consistency, motivation, and discipline. That’s where our team can help.

Our results show that for those individuals that follow a few simple rules of proper nutrition (diet), and exercise, combined with hormone optimization replacement therapy, they will see and feel great results.

We encourage you to view our testimonials. Many of them speak volumes to the benefits of treatment.

The Anti-Aging medicine industry is reportedly a $40 Billion Dollar Business Globally. Why? Because it works and it works well.

Hormone Replacement Therapy BenefitsHORMONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY

  • Better energy levels
  • A decrease in body fat
  • Increase in immune resilience
  • Increased mental acuity
  • Improved skin elasticity, tone, and tightness
  • Increase in muscle mass and physique
  • Increased libido and sexual performance
  • Increased in bone density and strength

These benefits have been reported repeatedly in major scientific research studies. That does not mean everyone experiences these benefits. A lot depends on combining treatment with a healthy diet and exercise program.

Note:    We only prescribe bio-identical hormones for individuals with levels we evaluate and examine thoroughly. Rarely, if ever, would we prescribe synthetic hormones if it can be avoided. Our practice believes, as most Anti-Aging Clinics that prescribing only bio-identical hormones is the safest and smartest treatment for Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Contact us today! We will provide you with a thorough blood analysis covering more than 19 critical measurement factors. We will not charge you a medical consultation fee (only your blood test). You will save up to 50% in total on average from comparable treatments in the US or Canada. You will also receive much more attention from the doctor.

Costa Rica is becoming a major travel destination for Medical Tourism due to the high level of expertise among the country’s top medical doctors. Dr. Mesen and Dr. Ugalde are two of the most experienced in the concentration of Anti-Aging Medicine in Costa Rica. Dr. Rosales is their counterpart in Tijuana Mexico.

A4M, Hormone Replacement TherapyAll our treatments use the same FDA approved medications and we follow the guidelines set by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, a group of 26,000 physicians and scientist globally. A large percentage of our patients are Medical Tourist coming to save money over the high costs of Anti-Aging Medicine in the United States and other countries, or foreigners living in Costa Rica.

Email us today to get started: info@AntiAgeCR.com.

Visit: www.AntiAgeCR.com to learn more.

Below is one example of a testimonial given by a person suffering from insomnia, years of pain from sports injuries, and reliance on addictive pain medication to help him cope with his health-related problems. Upon examination of his complicated situations, he was able to turn his health around in a matter of weeks after receiving the proper BHRT therapy.

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