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Human Growth Hormones: Michigan Resident Living in Costa Rica Healed with HGH Therapy

Not everyone is aware of the incredible health Benefits of Human Growth Hormone on a regular basis, and these people really are missing out. The testimonial to the right of perfectly describes the astonishing healing power of this amazing hormone. It may outrageous to many to inject a hormone like HGH into your body, but even small children do it all the time. They do this when they are not creating enough to grow. If it is good for a child, under the supervision of a medical doctor, it is equally good for an adult when done correctly. HGH  is a natural bio-identical hormone we all produce in our bodies. Injecting growth hormone is only to optimize the level of this natural hormone which (quite frankly) has amazing benefits.. The hormone is produced in your pituitary gland and is responsible for generated growth and repair to the body. Most people understand now that HGH is commonly associated with youthful qualities such as energy, vigor, stamina and great skin with youthful characteristics not observed since our mid twenties.

As we age the we produce HGH at a much slower rate. In some cases deficiencies are more sever than people realize, particularly if they have weight problems, do not exercise regularly and consume large amounts of alcohol. Symptoms that we automatically associate with aging such as a lack of energy, tiredness, weight gain and wrinkles can be improved by increasing the levels of HGH in the body via injection.

Most of us when we speak to a typical Doctor un-educated in Anti-Aging Medicine will simply tell us it is part of the normal aging process. Fortunately for our patient in the testimonial video to the right listened to some important advice from his long term friend and business partner. That was, contact the Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic under the leadership of Dr. Leslie Mesen and see if he can review your natural hormone levels and make sure they are optimized to give you the best chance of a fast recovery.

Of course, in this particular situation, being a man of 63 years of age, recovering from a severe accident, with a broken pelvic bone and two dislocated hips was not going to risk healing like an older person. He wanted to heal like a 25 year old and he sought the help of Dr. Mesen and HGH and Testosterone Therapy. The results simple were amazing. No – they were off the charts!
HGH production slows dramatically as we age. There is no known study of any risk to replace levels in individuals to those levels reached after maturity. In fact, to the contrary, it keeps you living younger longer and is a hallmark of anti-aging medicine.

Injectable HGH Therapy Increases Low HGH Levels Safely

Not only did it help heal our patient more rapidly, he also, while healing kept in good physical condition. He did not increase abdominal fat – in fact, he reduced it even as he was going through recovery and therapy to walk. His abdominal fat decreased. Imaging what a healthy person can do with injecting the proper amount of this the fountain of youth into themselves, combining it with a healthy lifestyle including proper nutrition, diet and exercise. Memory improves. Skin Elasticity improves. Stress, body fat, energy and even you sense of well-being is impacted in a positive way. Many have reported getting off of pain killers and psychotropic drugs due to the therapy.

Contact us today and save. We offer the same bio-identical hormones as the leading anti-aging and wellness or age management companies in the United States. Our medications are FDA approved and come from the same pharmaceutical companies as, say, a Cenegencis would prescribe.

We are here for you without the hassle and outrageous pricing of anti-aging doctors from the United States. In fact, we treat a lot of VIP patients and even Medical Doctors themselves that seek Anti-Aging HGH treatment without getting put into a US nationalized medical database.

We also are ethical and follow protocols promoted by physicians of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, consisting of more than 20,000 doctors and scientist world-wide.

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