Insulin | Insulin Resistance | Anti-Aging Medicine

Insulin | Insulin Resistance | Anti-Aging Medicine

Insulin | Insulin Resistance | Anti-Aging MedicineInsulin is a hormone that is produced by the beta cells found in the pancreas.  It is, along with estrogen, progesterone, DHEA and thyroid hormones, important for the regulation of glucose in the body.

Estrogen lowers blood sugar in women and testosterone in men.  Progesterone can raise blood sugar in women if it is not balanced with estrogen.  Insulin elevation or even insulin being too low is not good.  A number of factors elevate insulin levels.  A major factor in raising insulin levels is eating a diet comprised of mainly carbohydrates.  Even a person who does not have diabetes in their family, can develop insulin resistance if their diet contains too much carbohydrate.

Thanks to the genome project, we now know that hereditary factors count for 20% and environmental factors counts for 80%.  Insulin | Insulin Resistance | Anti-Aging MedicineWhat this means is that if it is more important what you eat and how you exercise  than who you are related to. (talking about diabetes risk of course).  So put in other terms, if you don’t have the “diabetes gene” and you eat a diet rich in simple carbohydrates, don’t exercise and live a stressed out life, you can develop insulin resistance and develop diabetes.  Stress, insomnia and decreased estrogen can elevate insulin levels in women.  As well as a  lack of exercise, decreased thyroid hormone levels and low testosterone.

All the hormones in our body are designed to work together.  However, one size does not fit all.  It is very important to seek out an anti-aging specialist  to customize an optimal treatment for you.

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