hGH -Looking to find some information on human growth hormone - hGH

Just looking to find some information on Human Growth Hormone (hGH)

hGH -Looking to find some information on human growth hormone - hGHThis is a common request we often get at the Anti-Aging and Wellness Clinic. “Just looking to find some information on Human Growth Hormone (hGH).”

At the age of 30, individuals have gone through their lives with fairly high levels of human growth hormone (hGH).   hGH is responsible for growth during childhood — and for the repair and regeneration of human tissue throughout our lives.   By the time most of us are 30 years old, our bodies no longer produce enough hGH to repair all of the damage that is occurring in our bodies.   As our hGH levels continue to decline, the damage that we call aging continues to accelerate.

Growth hormone (hGH), as denoted by its name, stimulates the body to grow. However, once we stop growing, hGH continues to provide many very important functions for the body’s health, including the repair and regeneration of human tissue throughout our lives. By the time we reach the age of 30, our hGH levels are only about 20 percent of their peak levels during childhood, and after the age of 30, they continue to decline at about 12%-15% per decade, and often even more.   At one extreme, too little hGH in the body results in frailty syndrome, where the body starts to wither and is unable to repair itself properly leading to the downward process of degeneration.

Fortunately for most of us, we won’t fall into the category of frailty syndrome. However, we will all eventually succumb to the aging process as it continues to accelerate. Natural growth hormone production declines very rapidly as we reach maturity and start aging. Past the age of 30, our bodies no longer produce enough hGH to repair all of the damage occurring within the body. As hGH declines, aging begins to accelerate.

The aging process may also be accelerated due to the modern standard American diet (SAD) which is high in processed foods and poor in nutrients. Exposure to modern environmental factors such as toxins, pesticides, etc… can also contribute to lower hGH levels negatively influencing healthy and normal hormone production.

Most of us will generally fall within an average range of levels measured in by IGF-1 blood tests. Unfortunately, these average ranges are based on data gathered from a modern society that is more sick and obese than in past generations. So, for even those individuals falling into normal average levels of hGH does not necessarily mean they are at optimal levels, particularly when you consider that the baseline population is becoming less and less healthy.

One simple measure of hGH is a blood test for IGF-1, which is what we prefer to use because it is simple, fast and safe for the patient. Logically we already know most of us will fall within a predetermined range, therefore we choose to use the simpler IGF-1 test to guide us as we naturally begin elevating IGF-1 levels in our patients to within their normal upper physiological range. This is where growth hormone levels in your body will be optimal and physiologically appropriate for optimal body function. Hence, increased hGH levels providing the patient the benefits of optimal growth hormone ranges, done safely, and under the supervision of a licensed physician experienced in this type of hGH replacement therapy.

So, what are the benefits of optimal hGH levels? There are a number of them. Relatively speaking, most people on average will experience an increase in the positives and a decrease in the negatives. Please review the following hGH benefits:

  • reduced body fat, especially abdominal fat, less propensity towards obesity
  • improve cognition, i.e., reduce or reverse cognitive decline
  • higher energy levels
  • smoother, firmer skin, reduction in wrinkly skin
  • increase in toned muscle structure
  • enhanced immune system function
  • elevated mood
  • enhanced libido
  • stronger bones
  • regrowth and maintenance of vital organs
  • lower cholesterol and blood pressure aiding those at risk of cardiovascular disease
  • reduce the risk of stroke in that low hGH levels increase the risk of stroke
  • faster wound healing
  • regrowth of hair
  • sharper vision

How do you begin treatment? Well, we require all of our patients to first get a comprehensive Anti-Aging Blood Panel. Once these results are analyzed by the lab, the doctor will consult with each patient on what the best approach for increasing the depleted growth hormone levels in the patient to the upper physiological (optimal) ranges. This process is generally done the same day at our clinic.

Most patients will fly in the night before their consultation, come to the clinic at 8:00AM the following morning for their blood test, then leave, shop, have lunch, etc., and return one more time to the clinic at 3:00PM when the blood test results return from the lab. At that time the patient will meet with the physician and learn about the recommended treatment options through consultation and Q&A. After this point, the patient is free to decide on treatment and enjoy the remainder of their time in Costa Rica, or immediately return home with their prescribed treatment.

It is important to note that even if our hGH levels were maintained at levels we had when we were 25 years of age, the aging process will still continue. However, this process is reduced significantly, at least until we reach an advanced age. Therefore, hGH is not a solution for aging, just a solution for slowing a large number of factors related to the manifestations of the aging process.

The process at our clinic has been completely streamlined with emphasis on respecting each patient’s time. We have gone to great lengths to bring an extremely high level of professionalism and quality of care to each and every patient, while minimizing each patient’s investment in time. This has led to us becoming one of the leading international clinics for a variety of bio-identical hormone replacement therapies. You will also find that treatment costs will average around 60% less than comparable treatment in the US or Canada. This is a huge benefit and one of the major attractions of Medical Tourism, especially for uninsured medical treatments like hGH replacement & supplementation.

It is widely viewed by doctors within the Anti-Aging Community, that increasing the hGH within our bodies can slow or even reverse many of the side-effects of aging. This must be done carefully and is best done under the supervision of a doctor board certified in anti-aging medicine. That is what is provided at our clinic.
hGH treatment costs are extremely expensive in the US and Canada. Fortunately for many who are able to travel outside of the US and Canada, high quality FDA approved hGH can be obtained at significant cost savings, and legally prescribed off-label for quality of life and wellness purposes. This is not the case in the US and Canada at the present time.
To learn more how to begin a hGH replacement & supplementation program, please email us or use our confidential contact form. Email us direct at: info@AntiAgeCR.com.

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