Kobe Bryant and the Platelet-rich Plasma Therapy

Kobe Bryant and the Platelet-rich Plasma Therapy

The Lakers guard, Kobe Bryant, has relied on a specific and highly innovative treatment that has already received in the past seasons. It is the therapy with platelet rich plasma (PRP). The treatment is designed to stimulate tissue repair without surgery.

The innovative treatment takes blood drawn from a patient and spun in a centrifuge to isolate the platelets, which are then injected into the affected area with ultrasound. The concept is to try to use the body. This is an opportunity to leverage the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Kobe suffered a lot of knees injuries and sorted out a couple of visits to Germany. There he received a series of related biological medicine that worked perfectly treatments. He never shared his feelings with the press, but did so to recommend treatment to baseball star Alex Rodriguez.

Five-time winner of a ring was not the first nor the last to undergo this treatment. Among elite athletes is more common than it seems. Tiger Woods and Rafael Nadal have been other stars who did not hesitate to use the benefits of this technique. Already in the NBA, the backup Warriors Acie Law or Star Blazers Brandon Roy are other names on this list.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma?

It is a product obtained by differential centrifugation of autologous blood, that is, taken from the same patient, obtaining a platelet concentrate product, which when combined with calcium chloride starts activation.

Advantages over other treatments?

Adverse effects are discarded because the Platelet Rich Plasma is a preparation made with the patient’s own blood (autologous), thus avoiding the risk of infection or transmission of diseases, allergic reactions and also for its rich composition factors hemostatic, prevents bruising.

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