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New Source to Buy Human Growth Hormone Replacement – United Kingdom | London hGH

Soon London tourists and EU anti-aging enthusiasts will be able to enjoy the same high quality low cost anti-aging therapies available in the Americas while visiting Costa Rica.

With its recent announcement, Thomson Airways UK will soon be offering non-stop flights from Gatwick Airport to Liberia in Costa Rica. Patients interested in buying their hGH growth hormone therapy in Costa Rica will generally find treatment 50-60% less than in the EU.

What that means for British citizens and others from the EU is they will be able to embark on high quality anti-aging therapies for less than before. For men, human growth hormone replacement hGH therapy and testosterone replacement therapy, among others, will be offered. Those patients seeking treatment while vacationing will be able to get their comprehensive anti-aging blood panel, medical consultation and treatment the same day at the Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic in Costa Rica’s world famous Blue Zone.

Human growth hormone hGH replacement therapy and overall bio-identical hormone replacement therapy has been around for years. When done correctly, BHRT can do wonders for reversing many of the side effects commonly encountered with the modern era’s aging process. Best of all, it can be done safely and competently in one of the leading international medical tourism countries in the world, Costa Rica.

Beginning in November of 2015, Thomson Airways will offer non-shop flights from London’s Gatwick Airport. The flight will be once a week. Since anti-aging treatment at the Anti-Aging and Wellness Clinic can be done in one day, vacationers are free to enjoy all that Costa Rica has to offer without loosing time. Everything at the Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic is streamlined with the busy international medical tourist in mind. With that said, quality of care is never sacrificed. All treatment programs are closely aligned to standards and guidelines established by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, one of the leading global medical organizations. It claims more than 26,000 member physicians and scientists around the world.

So, why hGH replacement therapy and other bio-identical hormone replacement therapies? Well, as so many celebrities have testified to its benefits, it can be an important part of maintaining damage control as our body’s age.

hGH is commonly referred to as the master repair hormone. It’s 100% bio-identical to our natural hormone produced by the body and many doctors and celebrities have testified to its benefits.  Suzanne Somers and Sylvester Stallone are two of the most popular advocates of hGH replacement. Each of them have been known to use hGH consistently for a number of years.

What’s more, Costa Rica boasts one of the top health care systems in the world. It’s one of the top five medical tourist destinations globally. All doctors and staff at the Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic are fluent in English and Spanish, so language will never hinder access to quality of care.

Human Growth Hormone hGH and BHRT Benefits Commonly Observed while on Treatment:

•    Weight loss without dieting

•    Abdominal fat loss

•    Increase in lean muscle mass

•    Improved energy

•    Increased libido

•    Improved memory and concentration

•    Lowering of common risk factors associated with degenerative diseases


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Interesting Facts:

  • The UK provides Costa Rica with the 4th largest number of tourists from Europe
  • Approximately 35,198 tourists from the United Kingdom and Ireland came to Costa Rica in 2013, a year over year increase of more than 10%
  • British tourists stay on average 14.5 nights in Costa Rica on their vacations
  • Costa Rica is one of the top 5 medical tourist destinations in the world
  • Costa Rica’s Blue Zone has one of the highest longevity rates in the world
  • Costa Rica is a democratically elected government and has not had a military since 1948
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