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Norditropin Dosage Calculator - Norditropin Pen Type Nordilet

Norditropin 10MG HGH injection pen commonly comes in two form-factors. This page covers the Norditropin Nordilet model HGH Pen. This pen is commonly found in Central and South America. Do not confuse this with the Norditropin FlexPro model. The Norditropin FlexPro HGH Pen is commonly found in North America.

Confusion on proper dosage calculation with the Norditropin Nordlilet Pen type is common due to the unit conversions to international units and pen-cap rotation and clicks. The purpose of this blog is to clarify calculating dosages for the Norditropin Nordilet 10MG HGH Injection Pen.

Always review the color of your Norditropin Nordilet HGH Injection Pen before calculating the dosage. Each click of the pen cap correlates to a dosage amount based on the color or the injection pen. 

Norditropin Nordilet Pen

New patients can sometimes become confused about setting the proper dosage on the Norditropin pen. The first step is to identify which pen is being used. There are three sizes of Norditropin Pens. Each pen is color-coded depending on its size.

  • The Yellow Norditropen Pen consists of 5 MG / 1.5 ml HGH.
  • The Blue Nrditropin Pen consists of 10 MG / 1.5 ml HGH.
  • The Green Norditropin Pen consists of 15 MG / 1.5 ml HGH.

Most patients are provided with a dosage that is an equivalent level to international units. International Units are usually referred to as IU. To convert any of the Norditropin Pens to international units, just take the amount of HGH in milligrams and multiply by a factor of 3. The result is the amount of growth hormone international units in that pen.

  • The Yellow Norditropin Pen consists of 15 IU of growth hormone. (i.e., 5 MG x 3 = 15 IU).
  • The Blue Norditropin Pen consists of 30 IU of growth hormone. (i.e., 10 MG x 3 = 30 IU).
  • The Green Norditropin Pen consists of 45 IU of growth hormone. (i.e. 15 MG x 3 = 45 IU).

Depending on the color (size) of Norditropin HGH pen used, each patient must review the color-coded dosage chart for the size of the pen used. One of the most common Norditropin HGH pen sizes is the Blue 10 MG / 30 IU pen.

If you have already been prescribed Norditropin HGH and are confused about setting the proper injection dosage on your pen, please call us by pressing the button above. Otherwise, refer to the appropriate color-coded chart below.

Watch how to inject Norditropin

Make sure Proper Dosing Tables are Used

Norditropin Nordilet Dosing Tables

Each table is color-coded for a specific Norditropin HGH Pen

Norditropin HGH Nordilet Adult Dosage Table
* Always make sure your pen color matches the table shown.

Please refer to the look-up table below. Identify the color of Norditropin Pen you are using (i.e., Yellow 5MG, Blue 10MG, or Green 15MG). Then reference the number of clicks on the pen’s dial to set your dose. To determine your closest approximation for a particular prescribed dosage or Norditropin HGH, chose the number of clicks closed to your exact dose. For example, a 2IU dosage using a Norditropin 10 MG/30 IU BLUE pen is 5 clicks.

The Role of Norditropin HGH

HGH production from the pituitary gland begins to decline in adolescence. Adult growth hormone levels begin declining very rapidly around the time our growth plates are fused (between age 15-20). In the modern era, it is believed by many doctors and scientists that growth hormone, including important sex hormones like testosterone, are declining much more rapidly than in prior generations. The most obvious reason for this is likely the standard American diet of processed foods too high in sugar and too weak in nutrients. 

The result of this accelerated decline in of growth hormone in modern populations can result in accelerated decline in the following: 

Many wealthy individuals and celebrities in the United States routinely get HGH prescriptions for quality of life reasons. However, the price for HGH prescriptions in the USA makes it cost prohibited for many. Unfortunately, the US pays 3 times the price or more for HGH brands like Norditropin HGH. For instance, the same Norditropin HGH Nordilet pen mentioned in this article can be prescribed in Costa Rica, Mexico or Panama for $550 USD or less. In the US, that same prescription would run around $1,500 USD for the same Norditropin HGH pen.


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Why Norditropin HGH Nordlilet or FlexPro Injection Pens?

There are some important reasons to choose the Norditropin brand of HGH pen for adult HGH therapy. 

Norditropin is the leading brand of HGH around the world. It is estimated in SEC market reports that Norditropin leads the industry with approximately 35% of global market share.

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