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4 tips to a better start in 2014

We started 2014 and among the main things that we cherish is our health.
Today we left four options for healthy purposes that you might consider for 2014 and some ideas to achieve from now on.

Quit smoking: as popular as demanding, requiring a lot of work to do, however, nothing is impossible. You should start by making the decision, adding reasons to give impetus to achieve and also seek help from family, friends and, if necessary, health professionals. Some ideas for this purpose are to start physical activity, eat healthier, set a day in which we must eradicate the snuff of sight and aroma of our environment.

Saying goodbye to junk food: of course, applies to those who almost daily eat fast food and junk food. The first thing to do is record the number of times you eat junk food and then try to reduce their presence in the diet.

It is also helpful to start organizing and planning daily meals, not leave it to chance menu choice and have some dishes in advance to save time in the kitchen.

Drink less alcohol: if you know your drinking is often excessive and risky to your health. It may be helpful to know how much you drink, ie, record and quantify your intake.

Losing weight: the first step is to have patience and motivation, is also of great value to count on professional help, so you know that your health is above all things.

Also a good idea to further weight loss is to organize and plan all your activities, workouts and food.

Mark a purpose can be the beginning of a new path, the beginning of a series of actions that lead you to improve your lifestyle and quality of life, therefore, you should set your own healthy purposes.

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