synthetic progesterone or natural progesterone


Progesterone is one of the sex hormones and is made in the ovaries before menopause.  After menopause, some progesterone is made in the adrenal glands.  In a woman, there are many reasons why she can be deficient in progesterone.  In fact, symptoms of progesterone loss is what frequently brings women to visit their doctor. Progesterone loss symptoms include: anxiety, depression, irritability, mood swings, insomnia, pain, osteoporosis, decreased HDL cholesterol and excessive menstruation.  Causes of progesterone loss include stress, antidepressants, hypothyroidism, diets high in sugar and saturated fat and vitamin deficiencies including vitamin A, B6, Vitamin C and zinc.

Synthetic Progesterone Vs Natural Progesterone

Synthetic progesterone are called progestins.  Progestins are molecularly similar but not exact copies of your naturally produced progesterone.  That small difference makes all the difference when it comes to side effects and benefits.  Side effects of progestins include increased appetite and subsequent weight gain.  They can also cause fluid retention, irritability, depression decreased energy, decreased libido, headaches, bloating, acne, hair loss and insomnia.


Below are effects not seen with bio-identical progesterone:

Helps balance estrogenIncreases scalp hairPrevents cycle related migraines
Normalizes libidoNatural antidepressantHelps regulate sleeping patterns
Has a natural calming effectHelps the body use and eliminate fats.Lowers cholesterol



Estrogen Progesterone Ratio

It is important to keep a correct ratio of progesterone to estrogen.  Not doing so can produce undesired effects like the following:

Increase weight gainIncrease total cholesterolCause fatigue
Increase risk of insulin resistanceDecrease growth hormone.Cause depression
Suppress the immune systemDecrease libidoIncrease carbohydrate cravings.


It is clear from the discussion thus far that natural (bio-identical) progesterone offers a safer approach to hormone replacement therapy than synthetic progesterone.  If you are experiencing symptoms as discussed above don´t hesitate to contact us to set up an appointment.


For more information on bio-identical hormone replacement therapies, please email us at: info@AntiAgeCR.Com.


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