Real Honest Testimonials for hGH, BHRT and Skin Rejuvenation

With so much confusion and controversy surrounding the use of human growth hormone in the field of Anti-Aging and Age Management medicine, it’s hard for individuals to know what’s real and what’s just hype. The prestigious group The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine calls much of the government’s fear mongering (and the media propaganda) a witch hunt to suppress doctors from using hormone replacement therapies to aid our aging population. The research is pretty clear that replacing ones hormone levels (or supplementing them) with hGH, testosterone, and other vital hormones for men and women is safe and effective.

With an epidemic of obesity and degenerative diseases, it would probably be in the publics best interest for governments and major media to focus more on protecting the food and water supply from dangerous toxic chemicals and genetically modified foods. Obviously hGH is not a major cause of degenerative disease, nor cancers, but environmental toxins including BPA and pesticides are linked to these illnesses.

This is why testimonials from patients are so important. By working with thousands of patients each year, it’s clear to us we are moving in the right direction. Let’s face it, our hormones are disrupted more so now than our ancestors. Why? No one can say with 100% certainty, but a good place to start is by doing a Google search of the “Dirty Dozen Worst Endocrine Disrupters.” That coupled with a food supply of meat and dairy that is factory farmed creating sick and poorly nourished animals that we eat should say it all. The elephant standing in the room responsible for the majority of our illnesses and the obesity epidemic throughout the industrialized world is not bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, hGH, testosterone, hCG or other bio-identical hormones. The patients we see generally seek us out because of those issues such as obesity, fatigue, and overall poor health. It’s our job to fine tune the human machine to optimal levels of operation using cutting edge bio-identical hormone replacement science. By doing so, we create many happy patients, some of which have been kind enough to share with you their personal experience.

The following videos are intentially not hollywood productions. They are genuine and sincere testimonials worth watching from past and present patients.

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For more testimonials, please go to the following link on our website: TESTIMONIALS

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