Rejuvenation clinic in Costa Rica and anti-aging medicine

Rejuvenation Clinic in Costa Rica and anti-aging medicine

Nutritional mistakes, lack of exercise, environmental pollution poisoning and the food we eat is next to hormonal decline and oxidative and psychological stress, the main factors of the disease and accelerated aging.

The first step to avoid premature deterioration is to change some of our habits. In this regard, remember that calorie diets with excess refined sugar, animal protein and saturated fats are, to some extent, the cause of accelerated aging. The other great enemy is the lack of physical exercise. These decisive factors in premature aging are, moreover, easily modifiable so we must insist on eating fruits, fresh vegetables, legumes, whole grains and fish, replacing the aforementioned foods and encourage the practice moderate exercise and age-appropriate for maintaining the functionality of the organism.

Excess cellular oxidation are considered responsible for pathological aging and other diseases such as cancer, hence the importance of proper nutrition and balanced use of antioxidant supplements and individualized as needed.

Anti-aging medicine is a medical discipline in which, from strictly scientific criteria, spoke on the factors involved in pathological aging, both physically and aesthetically, it can beat years to life and add life to years.

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