Safe Source of Testosterone

Safe Source of Testosterone

Safe Source of TestosteroneTestosterone is no longer just for dopers and bodybuilders. The number of middle-aged men with prescriptions for testosterone is climbing rapidly. A recent study tracked 11 million men through a major health insurer. The study found that middle-aged men receiving testosterone prescriptions have tripled since 2001.

Who are these men seeking a safe source of testosterone? It’s men in their 40s.




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Most of the men prescribed testosterone experience the following symptoms before the low levels are detected in their blood by a physician:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Low libido – sex drive
  • Low energy
  • Low self confidence
  • A low sense of well being

A man’s testosterone usually starts a gradual decline around age 30. The normal ranges for testosterone fall between 300 to 1000 nanograms per deciliter.  That’s a pretty wide range and it is not uncommon for men to experience the symptoms above even though they may fall into the middle or upper side of the range. This may be explained by another study. That study found that the average man’s testosterone has declined 25% since the 1980, holding constant for age. That means the average 40 year old today is likely to have a 25% lower level than his counterpart in the 1980s.

Some might ask – how can this be? The answer is unknown for sure. But each generation seems to see a decline that is more than the last generation. It could be due to the amount of toxins we come in contact with each day which are known endocrine disruptors. Some refer to these toxins as “Gender-Benders” for what they do to humans and animals that come in contact with them.

Due to the high cost of medical care in the US and Canada, some men seek their safe source of testosterone from friends. Perhaps someone they know at a gym, etc. In our opinion that’s not going to be a safe source of testosterone, obviously. Black market testosterone can not be considered from a safe source, since even the source may be unaware of the quality.

To find a safe source of testosterone, they best recommendation we have is to find a good Anti-Aging and Wellness Clinic. A clinic recognized as a safe source of testosterone therapies, preferably a clinic with an board certified physician in anti-aging medicine. That is your best chance to be assured a safe source for testosterone replacement.

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