Spa in Costa Rica

Spa treatments in Costa Rica

Exhausted for work, home, family, and many other activities that you can not think about you for a moment? Take some time and hit a spa in Costa Rica for you to relax, beautify and feel like new. Here are some of the best treatments you can find:


It is a common massage but with a plus: a lot of chocolate. Throughout your skin warm liquid chocolate spread and thanks to its moisturizing and nourishing your skin can look like porcelain. In turn, is also a draining and anti -cellulite treatment, and it slows down the aging of the skin and acts as an antidepressant and antianxiety nervous system.


It is inspired by the oriental disciplines that focus on the seven chakras, which are supposed to be strategically vital energy of the human body. In this massage, hot river stones (50°) and cold (8°) are used, which are placed at specific points such as shoulders, knees, feet, neck. The treatment is designed to relax and relieve pain, increase blood circulation and cell metabolism by releasing histamine acting on the pain and inflammation.


One of the therapies ideal for all those who seek balance in their spirit. For those who do not know, this therapy focuses on the use of nine essential oils in their purest inhaled to increase what some Indian tribes called the “s”: mental health, emotional health, influencing in a positive direction on the body.


This treatment use different types of fermented and unfermented grapes, which are mixed with wine and oils derived from this fruit. It applies to hot baths, sweating wraps, scrubs and peelings, has therapeutic and cosmetic purposes, this option can achieve a beautiful and glowing skin.


It is said that this technique is based on certain Chinese, Egyptian and Indian customs. Experts apply foot massages in order to eliminate any pain or symptoms of disease anywhere in the body and even in vital organs. The right thing is to divide each area of the feet and work zones connected by the nervous system to other parts of the body, this is to relieve pain and eliminate toxins of the system.

Now, did you know that there are better options than a simple Spa in Costa Rica?
Yes, many of the treatments you receive in a spa, are outweighed by far by the treatments of anti-aging medicine.

Take for example only facial rejuvenation treatments. Nonsurgical treatments of facial rejuvenation will help you maintain a youthful appearance much longer. These include Botox, Facial Fillers and Micro-Needling.

Want to know more about these treatments? Read all about it in this link.
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