Growth Hormone Testimonials & Testosterone Replacement Testimonials

FACT: From the time we are born into this world, we are aging or getting old.

FACT: This is your life and you have the power how you want to see it play out. You can either choose to ‘get old’ or you can chose ‘age’ at a healthier, slower pace while still enjoying your activities & passions in life.


I am Carolynn Younghusband, Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), and Integrated Wellness Consultant Practitioner from Toronto, Canada. In the past 10 years I began to notice drastic changes related to my female monthly cycle due to the immense stress I was living under and also partially due to the “normal” changes of being a female.

I have been traveling to/from Costa Rica now for over 7 years as part of my own personal journey for connecting with nature & self-healing. I immediately fell in love with Costa Rica the 1st time my feet touched the ground, I breathed in the air, I felt the love of this wonderful land and the Costa Rican people. I had found my home. Since 7 years ago, I have followed my instincts and expanded my Canadian profession of Wellness to become part of Costa Rica. With my research on the Costa Rican medical/wellness & tourist industry the universe lead me to the opportunity of meeting Dr. Mesen, MD at Anti-Aging and Wellness.
Testimonial hGH, Costa Rica, Tijuana, San Diego, Panama
Carolynn Younghusband
Massage Therapist from Toronto, Canada
Dr. Mesen,

I forgot to ask you yesterday during my appointment, but I have a couple of Women asking if you treat women as well?

They seem to have lots of concerns about Thyroid and hormones …

Also, just wanted you to know, at least a couple times per week someone tells me that:

a) I look like I am getting younger and younger each year (for those that know me) OR

b) They can NOT believe that I am 47 years old – “37 MAYBE but there is NO WAY you are 47!”

So, a big “thank you” for your help over the years. Regaining my health has spurred a veritable renaissance in all aspects of my life for which I am extremely grateful.
William from Canada

Rare Thyroid Condition Hashimoto’s | Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic – Costa Rica

Recently I visited Costa Rica only to find out just prior to boarding my flight at the airport in Los Angeles that I had forgotten my thyroid medication. This is disastrous for me as I have Hashimoto’s which is an autoimmune thyroid disorder. Even the smallest dose decline in the past has resulted in me having major symptoms. I am very sensitive to the slightest change in my medication. I am a patient of a famous anti-aging doctor in Europe and have been seeing him for the past 9 years. During the course of time I have been introduced to highly sophisticated anti-aging medicine. When I called the Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic in Costa Rica I had an incredibly warm response to my problem. They arranged to have my unique form of thyroid medication compounded at a special pharmacy in a swift and professional manner. You see, I buy my thyroid medication in Europe and in the past have done very poorly on synthetic thyroid and even Armour Thyroid as is normally prescribed in the United States, where I live. The medication they provided me at the Clinic was smooth, even, and I felt like I had not missed a beat. I was very impressed with the clinic’s professionalism as well as their comprehensive approach to anti-aging medicine. I believe they are on the cutting edge and in fact considerably ahead of many clinics I have encountered in the States. I would not hesitate to recommend this clinic to anyone who may want to begin this treatment or to someone that would like to transfer their care. I believe they are highly competent, professional and compassionate.
Barbara Blume
Ph.D from California

Testimonials for Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone

I’m 42 and was feeling less and less energetic. I was exercising, but it was nearly impossible to get stronger. My waist was growing and confidence level was sinking. Bloodwork at Anti-Aging Institute of the Americas revealed a low Testosterone level. Dr Mesen explained to me that this was causing my symptoms. He treated me with implantable testosterone pellets. It was a painless procedure that took about 5 minutes in his office. Within a week later I was sleeping better. My exercise routine became more rewarding as stamina and strength became noticeably greater!

Thank you.
Medical Doctor Specialized in ER, 42 YEARS OLD, USA
Darren G., from USA June 22, 2016 Tijuana Anti-Aging Clinic Testimonial “I have noticed that I’m getting into a better mood overall. I’ve noticed that I’m not as tired in the morning either and I’ve also started to notice an increase in my libido. Now that I’m doing this treatment I find that I don’t keep hitting the snooze button on my alarm and I just get up from bed.

I do feel like I have more focus or desire to take care of things. Prior to undergoing treatment with you I just didn’t feel like doing much. I’ve got a lot of little projects that I had been procrastinating on. Over the last week I’ve started taking care of some of those.”

Ref: Darren G. USA June 22, 2016 Tijuana Anti-Aging Clinic
R James on behalf of Darren's Testimonial Letter
R James is Co-Founder and Managing Director in Anti-Aging and Wellness Globally

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Patient Testimonial – hGH and T-Replacement

Former Heavy Weight Professional Boxer

hGH Speeds Recovery of Major Pelvic Fracture

HGH Testimonials

I lived all my life in Toronto Canada and now I visit Costa Rica every year during winter months. I never heard of hGH before reading about Dr. Life of Cenegenics in an airline magazine. I have had some medical problems in the past. Last year I signed up for the program at the Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic. The doctor ordered an Anti-Aging Blood Test to check my hormone levels. My IGF-1 levels came back low and hGH replacement therapy was recommended using a form of Somatropin. The doctor prescribed 2IUs 5 times a week of human growth hormone replacement therapy for me. Ever since, I feel great. I’m still no Rambo, but it does the job for me. I recommend to anyone to check out the Anti Aging and Wellness center in Costa Rica.
Dr. Mesen
From Toronto Canada
The bad news: I was diagnosed awhile ago with Primary Stenosing Cholangitis (PSC) after an Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) procedure that caused a supremely painful pancreatitis that lasted two weeks. PSC is terrible and is a mysterious disease that essentially destroys the liver progressively. There is not cure for it, the only definite and official treatment is liver transplantation. And that treatment is not necessarily a good prospect in Costa Rica, where liver transplantations have only a 25% survival rate.

PSC started to cause so much pain in my chest, and eventually in my liver area. Nights became horrible as the pain became deeper and extended. One starts to wonder how much longer I would be around if this is only to get worse, as it is supposed to do.

The good news: My liver stopped dying. The liver function test showed normal liver functions, after more of ten years of abnormal numbers [when I started doing liver exams]. My gastroenterologist told me: “Well, I am no longer treating you to attempt to slow down the progression of PSC, you don’t need it anymore.” Not only that, my fatigue is gone, I don’t remember the last time I had flu or the cold. My gym injuries stopped occurring as in the past. I have lost belly fat and I have tremendously increased my lean body mass. My mood is at its best. My mind is sharp again.
What happened? The only event in my life that happened just before the “good news” came was the hormone replacement therapy prescribed by Dr. Mesen.
I clearly remember him telling me: “I wouldn’t be surprised if the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) replacement treatment helps your liver, even cures it.” He didn’t promise anything; in fact, I visited him first because I knew that my low testosterone levels were affecting my mood, making me very irritable.
So I wasn’t expecting anything related to improve my liver health. But after doing my own research on alternative anti-aging medicine, I discovered that HGH is a protein hormone that affects all endocrine glands and influences the growth and development of nearly every organ and tissue in the body. HGH regulates nearly all the other hormones. So I started to think that maybe I could have a small chance to help my liver by getting normal levels of HGH through the therapy of Dr. Mesen. And happily it ended up working to the benefit of my liver.
What can I tell you? It was worth it. I am feeling my biological clock has been turned back many, many years back. It is not only a feeling; it is solid fact that medical exams are telling me, which will be submitted soon so others can see the before an after results.

I am in good hands with Dr. Mesen.
Mr. David Alfaro
From San Jose, Costa Rica
I am Edwin Plewes, of Grande Prairie, AB, in Western Canada. I am currently 50 years old. I am fit, active, and generally of good health. I work in the gas and oil industry with a mobile welding truck. My difficulties started taking me to doctors a couple of years ago when I began falling asleep during the day. It reached the point where it was, at times, not safe to drive. I looked terrible so said my friends and coworkers. They kept asking what was wrong. I was losing weight, had no appetite, would get sick to stomach if tried to force myself to eat more. I could barely function sexually, even with Viagra. I blamed the problems on Paxil, and anti-depressant I had been on for a dozen years. But to see a specialist to change the medication would take four months. Welcome to universal public health care! At a friend’s encouragement, I tried testosterone injections, which helped immensely. I got the medication changed and the energy improved greatly again, but the other symptoms persisted.

A couple of doctors suggested hormone testing. In June/11 I went off the injections, and a month later was falling asleep again and going downhill. Got test results back in August from family doctor. Tested in the 300’s. Bingo! That’s the problem. To my dismay the doctor said this was normal and treatment for hormones was mostly a myth with no benefit. Was run out of his office for asking questions! A hormone pharmacist suggested another doctor. Results were the same. Hormone treatment is just not part of the Canadian medical thinking. Pharmacist suggested an anti-aging doctor. None in my area. Went back on injections to keep going and looked into medical tourism in CR as I already had tickets for end of October/11. Found antiagingcostarica and set up appointment for 9:00 am.

Went in. Was told by Dr Mesen that I had the five major signs of andropause, or male menopause. At 3:30pm, on the same day, not three months later as is the case in Canada, I got the results with the most comprehensive blood analysis report I, or any pharmacist at home who saw it, have ever seen. Testosterone and DHEA were too low and estrogen was way too high. Left same day with the testosterone implants and DHEA supplements plus drug prescription to bring down estrogen levels. In two weeks I was sleeping normally again, appetite was back, energy was back. In two months, I did not need Viagra to function, and my overall health was as if I was 30 years old again. Anti-depressant meds were gone and a thing of the past. Sadly, a couple of permanent side effects from long term use remain, but they are livable with. My next trip down in December will be just after a year from starting treatment. Overall health is good, the weight has come back, Viagra and antidepressants are not needed, and, in a physically demanding environment, I keep up with workers many years younger.

All of this happiness cost me about the same amount of money for private health care as it costs me in lost income to shut down my welding truck for the morning and go to my family doctor. The one that believes my dramatic improvement in well being is just a myth. To get to see a specialist of Dr Mesen’s capacity, because so few exist in Canada, could take up to 30 months. And only if you can find a family doctor that can be convinced anything is wrong, so as to get the necessary referrals, which I was unable to do. In Canada, we are 10 to 20 years behind cutting edge medical breakthroughs…and in the remote area I live in…the doctors are much further behind. I have asked several pharmacists in Canada about the treatment program but none have heard of the program combination I am on. This is the not so good side of our universal public health system. In reality, we all get the same dismal level of poor care.

As well, I can see that, as some Canadian pharmacists have told me, if everyone had their hormones balanced, starting in their 40’s, they would consume well under half the prescription medications that they will typically use over the second half of their lives. And they would live immensely better. Definitely the pharmaceutical industry is opposed to good health that reduces the need for their drugs.

Sadly, in Canada, what was once a state of the art health care system, is now so overloaded by an aging unhealthy population that I estimate the number of Canadians flying to Asia, Central America, and India to buy private health care exceeds the million mark. I get my dental, optometry, and most of my doctor care in Costa Rica now. I expect I will do so for the next 30 plus years. At least in northern AB where I live, the cost, the service, and the results for ordinary day to day health care are vastly superior in Costa Rica. It is cheap to get there and beautiful when you do. I have friends with the same symptoms I had. And the same assessment from their doctors that all is normal. Well, people, that ‘normal’ might be enough to stay alive, but it is not enough to live normally. The solution exists in the treatment Dr Mesen provides. It is readily available to many Canadians. All we have to do is get on the plane and go get it……and start living again!
Edwin Plewes
From AB Canada
Dear Dr Mesen,

I am writing you to apologize for not writing this letter of thanks before….But I do partly make you responsible for it and I have a very good explanation for this…Since I have been in your care I have been feeling so good that I’ve been a lot more “out there” lately … I am more social, more awake and aware and with a sense of feeling good and sexy all the time! ;-)….

When I visited Dr. Mesen and the Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic in Costa Rica for the first time, I was simply tired of feeling bad all the time. It was a feeling hard to explain…, but what worried me the most was the lack of interest in anything and the extreme fatigue I experienced. I am 40 years old and I had to take 2 hour naps twice a day and I still felt tired; I was lethargic and routine tasks would take an extreme effort from my part from start to finish; I had to drag myself throughout the day just to get simple every day things done. I was feeling depressed because of my constant worry about what could possibly be wrong with me. This started about approximately 4 to 5 years ago but things were only getting worse and worse until I got to the point of thinking I had the worst…. Nevertheless I saw many Doctors and I had many test done along the way but nothing would show anything of great importance such as illness or terminal diseases.

My first interest in visiting The Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic, was because I read in their site about The HGH therapy (although they offer many other types of therapies) and I read of the extensive list of benefits this hormone can offer, so, I decided to get my levels checked to see if I was a candidate for HGH. Perhaps it would make me feel better…

My first impression of Dr. Mesen was that he was young, but oh boy! is he experienced!…. I was feeling down and with little hope but he was very kind and patient explaining to me what was wrong… he was very knowledgeable in answering all the questions I had, and he was so nice that it felt like having a casual conversation with a friend. (I have also to mention that since the first appointment ‘till the follow ups, he has always shown the same interest and spend the same time with me, he never rushed me out or had that boring look that some Doctors have when they hear the same symptoms & complaints from all their patients… and this says a lot, a lot about him as a person and about his professionalism. I always felt I was been “taking care of.”

After a series of extensive and complex test (background test, family history, life style, etc) including of course blood tests, it came out that my triglycerides and cholesterol were bad (not surprise there), but my levels of insulin where high, my testosterone levels where lower than normal, and my HGH levels were also low. After the test results, he then custom made a plan for me, and I started it the next day. He told me that in a matter of 1 week I will start feeling better!, I did not believe this of course, but he was right…. Exactly 1 week after the treatment I felt like I haven’t felt for soooooo long! And I thought: “I NEVER wanted to feel like I did before my treatment again!” My energy level was up in such a way that I had already forgot what it was like to feel that good, I did not have to take any naps at all, I felt more aware and alert, my memory improved and tasks that took me 2-3 days to do I could finish in 1 day, my sex drive was… simply amazing, my orgasms were more intense!

Now it has been close to 7 months and I still feel so much better than before my first visit with Dr. Mesen and starting his treatment program. I lost close to 30 lbs, (and I am sure it took me this long because I worked out little and irregularly because of my schedule) my cholesterol and triglycerides had gone back to a normal, I gained muscle mass, and lost fat, and I went from risk level to a “healthy level” now. I am back to my normal and healthy weight like when I was 30 years old.

Although I am not taking HGH any longer (for personal economic reasons, even when HGH is so much less expensive here in Costa Rica) My experience with HGH was great, I was working out the next day after administering it and I had 2 hours in the tread mill and I did not feel tired. I did not want to stop…,! I started to see muscle definition on my arms after only 1 month with just little exercise effort and the cellulite on my thighs disappear. I am planning to get back on it as soon as I can!

I feel very fortunate to have been treated by “Leslie” and I will recommend him to anyone. The rest of the staff is also very professional and friendly; they all make you feel like if you are visiting friends.

Overall, I have to say that Dr. Leslie Mesen’s skills are excellent. He is bright, honest, hard working, and very thoughtful of others. With these qualities, it is not surprising that his patients have great admiration and respect for him both as a person and as a professional. I personally have met other patients of his, and all speak of him in the highest regard.

Thank you for everything Dr. Leslie Mesen.
Ms. Patricia S.
from San Jose, Costa Rica
I have been working with Dr. Mesen since September of 2011. I have had some wonderful results as a 70 year old man. I have been able to gain muscle mass and have lost the fat around my waist. The combination of testosterone and HGH is giving me the energy to continue my work.
Russell Brooker
from Atlanta Georgia

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