Testosterone Injection (Tijuana, MX | Costa Rica)

Testosterone Injection | Tijuana Mexico & Costa Rica

Many patients that come to the Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic in Costa Rica are actually from the United States and Canada. Of course, we get patients from all over the world. From Morocco to Jamaica the country of origin does not matter. What matters to us at the Anti Aging Institute (Wellness Clinic) is that they recognize the following:Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic Testosterone Gel Cream Costa Rica

We are the largest and most experienced clinic in Costa Rica offering anti-aging and age management therapies

Our Chief Medical Officer is the most experienced in the entire region at delivering the anti-aging modalities we offer

Costa Rica is recognized as one of the top 5 medical tourism destinations in the world, which is great for US Citizens because of the close proximity. In fact, many international airports can get you in Costa Rica in 2-4 hours from US Cities like Dallas, Houston, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, and of course Ft. Lauderdale.


So, what is a testosterone injection in Costa Rica, and does it differ from a testosterone injection if Los Angeles California? NO! Obviously no! It’s identical. In fact, many find that Costa Rica generally delivers better medical services than the United States. If that surprises you, perhaps you should reference the World Health Organization’s ranking, where Costa Rica actually ranks above the United States in overall medical care. If that shocks you, open your eyes and investigate it further. Of course the USA has some of the best doctors and best basketball players, but what matters is overall health and wellness.

If you are prescribed testosterone for Low-T then one of the more common delivery systems is the intramuscular injection. What this does is a needle penetrates the skin far enough to enter into the body’s intramuscular tissue. Intramuscular shots are given or done at 90 degree angles generally with a 22-23 gauge syringe at 1-1.5 inches in length.

In Costa Rica, one can easily go to any pharmacy and buy a needle, unlike the USA. Why? Because Costa Rica knows an adult when it sees one. Common sense rules and obviously in a pharmacy where a professionally trained pharmacist encounters an adult that needs a syringe for a testosterone injection, they are going to respect that individual’s rights to purchase a delivery mechanism (a syringe).


Typically the following supplies are used for testosterone injections in Costa Rica.

  1. Testosterone injection medication in a vial
  2. A disposable syringe and needles for the testosterone injections. Some recommend an 18 gauge needle to extract the testosterone from the vial, then switch the needle by unscrewing the 18 gauge testosterone injection needle for a 22-23 gauge testosterone injection needle. These are the types of injection parameters common in Costa Rica.
  3. Alcohol swabs to clean the testosterone vial top for before the injection and to clean the area that will receive the testosterone injection. Costa Rica is very good at providing pharmacies with trained medical staff if any questions arise.
  4. Puncture proof disposable container to dispose of the needle in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is not perfect, but it is environmentally friendly, so testosterone injection needles should be disposed of appropriately.

Intramuscular injections can be given in many places in the body. The shoulder, thigh and buttocks are common places intramuscular testosterone injections are given in Costa Rica. For testosterone, it is generally recommended by the Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic in Costa Rica to do the intramuscular injection of testosterone in the buttocks. This is generally the most popular place recommended by doctors worldwide, not just in Costa Rica.

Other areas for a testosterone intramuscular injection could be the arm (rare) and the thigh (more common) in Costa Rica.

No matter how the testosterone injection is done, it should be discussed first hand with your medical physician. Bio-identical hormone therapy is a not an exact science. However, in Costa Rica, with the right physician who is qualified and the proper testosterone injection delivery knowledge, positive results can be achieved in a relatively short amount of time.

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