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Testosterone Replacement Therapy

hGH and Low-T Toronto, hGH and Low-T Miami, hGH and low-t Houston, hGH and Low-T DallasA recent New England Journal of Medicine article focuses on a case vignette about a 61 year old gentleman (Martin) who complains of low energy, low libido and a decreased ability to play sports.  Martin´s physical is unremarkable with the only noteworthy fact is that he is obese.  His blood results shows normal hematocrit, normal fasting glucose and normal thyroid function.  His prostate specific antigen (PSA) is 3.5 which is stable comparing it to a level taken a year ago.  What is noteworthy, is a testosterone level of 275 ng/deciliter (normal range is 300-1200 ng/deciliter).

Martin is representative of many of our male patients who walks in complaining of low libido, low energy and decreased muscle mass. These are three telltale symptoms of testosterone deficiency. Testosterone replacement therapy improves libido, erections, cardiovascular status, body composition, cognitive function, mood, depression, glycemic control and inflammation.

It is proven that if you increase muscle mass, you live longer. Martin also must do his part and make some lifestyle changes like more exercise and a healthier diet which isn’t focused on over consumption of food, especially processed foods.

In the case above, Martin’s testosterone level is clearly below the low end of the spectrum.  It is imperative to give him testosterone therapy to improve his life.  Arguments against testosterone therapy are just philosophical. Attitudes like “I don´t believe it can help” or “risks are unknown” or “benefits are unproven “are just ideas passed down to us by our professors in med school who themselves were wrong. Dr. Abraham Morgantaler, M.D. and associate clinical professor at Harvard Medical School has shown in numerous articles how conclusions drawn from this old research are invalid. Modern scientific research contradicts all these ideas, but many general physicians are simply not up to this new information.  I can´t think of another condition in where doctors refuse to give treatment based solely on their belief.  It is time to tear down the paradigm of testosterone therapy based on studies that weren’t well executed years ago.  Martin needs testosterone!

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The Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic is the leading Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic in the region. The clinic caters to medical tourists from all around the globe.

Our close proximity to large US cities and Canada, make us a leading choice among residents of Miami Florida, Jupiter Florida, West Palm Beach Florida, Dallas Texas, Houston Texas, New York, Toronto Canada, as well as other parts of the US, including Los Angeles California and other parts of California, including San Francisco.

Human Growth Hormone hGH and Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Residents from these locations travel to our clinic each year to receive their testing and treatment. We provide growth hormone hGH replacement therapy, testosterone replacement therapy, and other bio-identical hormone replacement therapies which align and optimize your hormonal balance. Our objective is to get you feeling and performing better. We want you feeling like your 30 again.

Direct Flights to San Jose from Miami and Ft. Lauderdale make it especially time and cost effective for Floridians. Typically a patient from Florida can receive their blood test and get their human growth hormone hGH and testosterone treatment the same day. They arrive at our clinic in the morning to receive their blood test. Then they return in the afternoon to meet with the doctor and discuss treatment options. At that time, a valid medical prescription is written and treatment is provided based on a professional medical diagnosis. Florida residents are able to return home legally with their treatment for personal use.

The same holds true for residents of Houston and Dallas Texas. They too can conveniently travel to our clinic with international daily non-stop flights from Houston and Dallas Texas. hGh, testosterone, and other bio-identical hormone replacement therapies have never been more convenient and cost effective for those seeking health, wellness and the proverbial “fountain of youth.”

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